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On September 13, 2018 GER to GER officially received a "Thank You" letter from Trip Advisor GER to GER was thanked for its "vital role" concerning assessing, mapping and combating Travel Scams and Fraudulent Reviews. We would like to share a couple "snippets" from a much larger letter that was sent to us... ... [...]

GER to GER Mongolia Fulfills the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

GER to GER Mongolia Fulfills the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)   Hello International Travelers and Partners! Everyone at GER to GER is excited to inform YOU how successful Ger to GER has been at in achieving the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals! GER to GER truly believes that YOU all have [...]

GER to GER Mongolia’s Global Credibility

GER to GER's Global Timeline and Professional References Tested, Tried, 100% Proven AND Traceable History A Brief Look at Mr. Zanjan Fromer (USA Founder) and GER to GER's Timeline of Achievements, Honors and Recognitions: 2017 World Travel Market London, UK - and Responsible.Tours - Ministry and Tourism Association Approved 2017 Seoul International Travel Mart [...]

GER to GER Mongolia’s USA Founder Contacts US FTC

GER to GER’s USA Founder Contacts the US Federal Trade Commission “Trip Advisor’s Unethical Practices” GERtoGER’s USA Founder has officially contacted the US Federal Trade Commission (email included below)… So please kindly “ignore” the fraudulent and fake defamatory Reviews about #GERtoGER on #TripAdvisor & #LonelyPlanet #ThornTree – FTC is investigating Trip Advisor’s Practices. The Federal [...]

GER to GER Mongolia 2017 Report: Houston – Maintained Success!!!

1. Trip Advisor & Lonely Planet's Industry Scams and Fraud 2017 has been a perfect season for GER to GER without any "known" hardcore scammers so far!!!  Before 2017, this video highlights 100% how scammers operate and work together on Trip Advisor and Lonely Planet’s Thorn Tree to harm innocent victims, businesses and organizations... Shame on Trip Advisor [...]

Mongolia GER to GER Case Study Review “Expectations” – Humanitarian Trips

Case Study: "Expectations" - Being a Humanitarian vs a Tourist GER to GER Mongolia Case Study - Foster Respect and Learning: If you buy a rural humanitarian trip is it ethical to "judge" it as a vacation? Ethics 101 THE CASE STUDY: "Expectations" - contracted to be a Humanitarian Traveler but treats/bashes everything like [...]


LEARN THE FACTS  "THE WEAPONIZATION" OF TRIP ADVISOR AND LONELY PLANET'S THORN TREE Stop Torturing the Underdog Learn how Unethical Special Interest Groups are 'fraudulently' using Trip Advisor/Lonely Planet Platforms as a "Weapon" to destroy humanitarians, community organizations and rural family businesses; Super Authoritative (Negative) SEO Anti-Trust issue as both Platforms DO NOT verify any [...]

Great Year So FAR!!!

WHAT A FANTASTIC SEASON IN MONGOLIA! Breifly, in comparison to prior years of having to assist as a regional/international 'fire-fighter' to combat unethical interest groups' agendas to slash/burn and destroy some humanitarian organizations, the country, etc., this year has been amazingly good! Yes, there are some 'minor hiccups' here and there - but I would [...]

Zanjan Fromer Awarded Country’s 2nd Highest “Medal of Honor for Leadership” by Ministry

On September 2015, Mr. Zanjan Fromer was Awarded Mongolia's 2nd Highest Medal of Honor, "The Ministerial Gold Star for Leadership" The Ministry of Environment, Green Development and Tourism of Mongolia I was just awarded on September 29, 2015 as the First American in Mongolian history to receive the "Medal of Honor for Leadership" from the [...]

Development Challenges – Foreign Developers and Local Nationalists – The Complexities of Progress

Development Challenges - Foreign Developers and Local Nationalists - The Complexities of Progress Brief snip-it from Upcoming Book! The Frank Approach “One ounce of prevention is more than a pound of cure” Benjamin Franklin How to Overcome Overseas Development Challenges: 20+ Years of Real Overseas Field Experiences…The universal tool-book based upon real situational experiences [...]