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Global research and analysis of client and general market trends including social demographics at global, regional, continental, country, city and rural levels (SWOT, Vin, and other intellectual mapping of social economic value chains). Data analysis is used to design and develop digital marketing materials for variety of usages in different countries, cities, and trade fairs to advance their image, increase partnerships, advance market goals, strategic expansion, increase market benefits and influence.

GER to GER Review – Develops Responsible Tourism in Mongolia

GER to GER Review - Specializes in Developing Responsible Tourism in Mongolia via its Agency and Foundation On behalf of GER to GER TEAM, I would like to kindly thank you for taking interest in our Agency and Foundation's works in Mongolia and Beyond and welcome you al to our new GER to GER Website! [...]

Fair Play: GER to GER Funding Realities – Is it Profiteering?

GER to GER - Is it a Rich Profiteering Company? Website: The Statements For the past few years, I have read numerous times that "Zanjan Fromer the American is making all the money..." and even worse cases of public defamation all over the internet across via Trip Advisor, Lonely Planet, etc... Despite reading [...]