Destination Development for Countries

Geographical, Cultural and Eco Tourism Development

Website: GER to GER Agency and Foundation

For 20+ years I have been working in the tourism industry, in various fields, both in the United States (Alaska and Oregon), throughout Mongolia and internationally extending from England, Germany, Italy, Beijing and Honk Kong (international travel fairs). From an early age I have been exposed to the incredible positive and negative influences that the tourism industry can have on community development; when done right its a ‘win win’ situation for all industries within a country including its rural locations, when don’t incorrectly it often only benefits a handful of operators and locals are often exploited and jaded with the industry as a whole. Destination development isn’t merely the production of countrywide marketing promotional materials for international consumption, more importantly it is the proactive advancement of a countries’ social economic supply and value chains to enhance the “trickle down process” to ensure that small medium enterprises are developed, culture is respected and environment is protected for future generations. It is also the means by which a country further enhances its in-country travel products into less traveled and developed regions to innovatively link them to the international tourism industry, market them and generate the social economic benefits that the industry has to offer.

Destination Development is a framework process that takes a several years to generate benefits rather than just an one time activity done within a year or two; however, once done successfully its potential is unlimited as it becomes an activity that stimulates social economic supply and value chains throughout the region and country.