The Frank Approach

“One ounce of prevention is more than a pound of cure” Benjamin Franklin

(Development Challenges – Foreign Developers and Local Nationalists – The Complexities of Progress; Brief snip-it from Upcoming Book!)

How to Overcome Overseas Development Challenges: 20+ Years of Real Overseas Field Experiences…The universal tool-book based upon real situational experiences and methods designed to keep you safe from harm’s way: travel, business, humanitarian initiatives, studies, etc.

First let me state that my personal policy about cross-cultural matters has always been “Dinner Table”; we all enjoy foods of different cultures and the children, regardless of languages, skin colors, geographical politics, religions, etc., all haply enjoy playing with one another cheerfully – that should be quality environment of mutual respect, discussions, diplomacy, etc…. I have lived in a region of the world surrounded by Russians, Chinese, Mongols, Asians of different nationalities, etc., for much of my adult life (over 20 years), as an American humanitarian – I have the deepest respect for these cultures, histories, struggles, and especially to the locals that make the joint-effort in building the international bridges of mutual understanding between our countries, cultures, economics, etc., peacefully.

Nonetheless, one should never become complacent – there are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Once you become complacent, especially in rough countries, you open yourself to become an easy target to those locals that may not agree that relations should exist – nationalists, fanatics, etc.; there are times when paths-cross, sometimes it’s by bad-luck and sometimes it’s by design.

Yes at times, as prevention – certain skills, experience, talents, etc., are required to be demonstrated; however – humility, kindness, compassion, understanding, etc., must be retained… balance is paramount. I have experienced the good and the bad of these cultures; I have fought the locals and befriended the locals – yes, I am that ‘Older’ Foreign American Brother that has Tasted the Same Suffering as You Locals throughout these Regions. Regardless, I have always strived to maintain my personal code of honor and lift people and nations not pull down; one has to see beyond the immediate, though mindful of it, in order to bring about the future.

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