The Frank Approach

“One ounce of prevention is more than a pound of cure” Benjamin Franklin

How to Overcome Overseas Development Challenges: 20+ Years of Real Overseas Field Experiences… The universal tool-book based upon real situational experiences and methods designed to keep you safe from harm’s way: travel, business, humanitarian initiatives, studies, etc.Development Challenges – Framing of Overseas Humanitarians so they get Blacklisted; Identity Hijacking – Setups/Falsified Situations to Unethically Publicize as Eye-Witnessed Accounts or Truths to Endanger Foreign Humanitarians Abroad

The Situation: Around the world, I am positive that there are more than a handful of humanitarians that have encountered situations where more than one individual created an environment of uncertainty; musically, a conductor coordinating a symphony of instruments playing all-around you as you remained blindfolded. If this is happening to you right now, The Question “Why?” isn’t as important as who, what, when, where and how – don’t become the victim start mapping it out so you can take counter measures to protect yourself; the why can be countless reasons: nationality, politics, competitors, interest groups, religion, gender, destroy your opportunities, discredit, etc.

A Suggested Approach: Passively Patient yet Actively Aware (ready to react) – note the conductor and keep your eyes open to the possibility that the instruments are all within visual range, including wall-cameras that record your responses to the instigator who is just out of camera-sight, etc. Step 1: Map, comprehend, counter (decide to keep and/or modify routines), continue to log situations and communicate (journaling for law enforcement reporting, etc.); Step 2: After proper collection of documentation/evidence, let the Law Enforcement do their job to interrogate the “Why-s?” out of them, with the assistance of your documentation when they are in custody and facing criminal charges.

The Conductor and the Instruments: The musical conductor and instruments, if they are unethical interest groups from USA/Europe and acting without law enforcement’s authority – they are in direct violations of numerous international laws if they stalk, instigate, act upon, and use falsified setups to publicly defame, blackmail, etc.; taking advantage of the overseas situation to push their agendas. However, if they are locals – then it’s going to be upward battle; it’s often a rare situation when a local gets booked for criminal charges when breaking laws with foreigners – it does happen but not often enough. It’s kinda like winning the lottery if you are not dead and the local gets charged; generally, anything short of the local suspect accidentally super-glueing himself/herself to your dead foreign corpse won’t get proper attention and even then, who knows… And do remember Embassy’s power really ends at their walls/gates – yes they can write letters, make some calls if they feel up to it, show their puffy and upset faces, etc. However after the calls/meetings – if the locals don’t support – it will just get wind-milled into the never ending spin-cycle of bureaucracy; police, court enforcers, etc. I know it sounds awful, but it’s a serious reality that you should be aware of… business partnerships, marriages, etc., locals will always have home-court advantage; the day you forget that is the day you need to wake up. Yes, you may have developed a network of respectful locals that stands with you that have an equal sense of honor, respect and loyalty – but never loose your own sense of situational awareness; same as in your own countries, be street smart at night.

Beyond murder, mugging, etc., Conductors and Instruments (Interest Groups) mainly take advantage of overseas situations to:

  1. Organize criminal stalkings
  2. Engage in learning your routines to setup psychological harassment ops, etc.
  3. Exploit weak overseas privacy policies to gather your personal data via local ISPs
  4. Engage in setups/frames (invoke violence, defraud, blackmail, etc.)
  5. Engage in unethical/organized Public Defamations
  6. Organize cross-border/white-collar crimes (transnational organized crimes)
  7. Etc.

Always remember these Three Simple Rules

Rule One – “See Something, Say Something”: Never allow these unethical networkers to force you into silence as they will pervert/change who you are which can change the outcome of your future, business, education, status in society, etc., which can lead to you becoming “blacklisted” by agencies, organizations and companies without your knowledge – but try to be ethical and patient at every situation as the agencies and organizations don’t know all the confirmed details as of yet and yes it’s going to take some effort and time to re-establish “who you truly are” as your identity has been stolen/hijacked.

Rule Two – Maintain Your Chain of Evidence and Witnesses: Without hesitation collect necessary evidence, documentation, etc., log-it all and continue to monitor – if they cross the legal-line and it becomes clear that they are planning to defame, blackmail, endanger your personal credibility/security, etc., there are plenty of international law enforcement agencies that work on such cases. This is not a matter for lawyers and courts, first and foremost a criminal case must be established – you should immediately direct it to law enforcement both locally (get it registered; even if the locals just laugh at you – it’s the required paperwork-linkage that your Embassy requires that allows them to contact that district police station and/or the locals police commissioner; follow-up on Embassy’s Citizen Case) in the foreign country that you are located. However, more importantly you must submit it to international law enforcement agencies that can pursue the matter further in their respective countries regardless of what transpires with the foreign (local) police authorities; as many foreign countries do not see these actions as seriously as they do in Europe and in the United States. Your reporting helps diplomatic missions to better understand the real local situation, the realities, etc., as most Embassy staffers live in bubble-environments; office, meetings, home, dinners, community events, etc. Though Embassy staffers do have a vital role – most aren’t exposed to all the local realities – they may have second-hand knowledge (heard something, discussing, reposting, etc.) but they, themselves, are rarely out there side-by-side getting knee-deep in the dirt themselves for any length of time.

Rule Three – Stay Social Online Even When You Seem to Be Abandoned by Everyone: Post identity hijacking – yes everyone is going to question “who are you” etc., accept the situation and just keep it real: showing emotions, feelings, etc., about situations isn’t a crime but rather shows you are “just human”. Unethical networkers desire for you to maintain silence as it provides them the needed time to further hijack your image and fulfill their unlawful objectives (maybe it’s that day they planned to post a false report, etc.) to discredit you. Today, if you are in the “thick of it” keeping an online journal is smart – you may provide insight into situations that may be of assistance to others to distinguish fact from deception. However, if you don’t keep it real online others may assume the deceptive report is real as you are not providing a counter argument, etc.

Yes, by sharing “what’s happening online” you won’t make it on the Popular Invite List of those who are and/or are associated with terrorizing you – but that’s ok considering you are preventing yourself from unethically being added to the a “blacklist” and/or “most wanted list” without knowing how and why. At the end, it’s the job of investigators to log “who you are” so you, yourself show them “who you are” and ignore those that tell you to bite your lip; your online journaling may be the only counter-content that’s keeping you and many others from harm’s way… Simple.

If someone gets pissed-off at you for what you are posting/sharing online – it’s most likely that they are apart of this unethical circus and/or they equally desire these bad things to happen to you for some sick/perverted reasons, and yes, you are successfully undermining their unethical initiatives… Metaphorically, there has never been a Bully who oppressed other kids for lunch money that liked the Loner-kid who stood up for himself/others and knocked that bully down on his/her ass publicly. If people don’t have your back when you’re facing a bully/bullies – then they aren’t worth any immediate investment, time and energy – as they are associated with the bully/terrorists side (they like watching you suffer at the hands of those who are terrorizing you – just accept it – they are intentionally bringing your plane down, YOUR IDENTITY IS BEING HIJACKED); take care of your oxygen first before others even before a child’s. Remember to keep your Safety Card Strategy in your mind – don’t just crash and expect everyone to rush to your aid at once, it will take time but eventually many will rally around you in support. Remember, unless you are physically dying – everyone has their problems and the best method for now is to go into strategic CSI/Survival Mode. Post crash take care of the situation like a Crime Scene Investigation agent on a mission; no one else will… Two choices 1) be proactive with the hopes of solving it and bringing the situation to the light of justice – redemption and life 2) ignore it and allow them to bully you into a dark and silent suicide… Career, life, opportunities, etc., finished.

End of snip-it…