Digital Content Development Strategies

As the same with SEO/SEM Strategies – Content Development Strategies is a given marketer’s know-how; however, not all marketers are from the same stalk; multi-industry experiences, countries worked, cross-cultural know-hows, etc. We going online, one must consider not only their target country and social demographic but also expanding their brand visibility into other international demographics; today it’s common that friends, family and even professionals plan their purchases together from travel to real-estate. If an ad properly prepared for one social demographic may be considered improperly prepared for another international demographic and influence the sales process.

Small and medium business shouldn’t discard this – it could be the “make it” point for your business. Case Scenario: let’s say that you are a local artist and your city hosts international travelers from around the world; after their stay in your city they later decide to go online and search for a gift to remind their loved ones of their family trip. If the local artist’s website is properly prepared SEO/SEM with properly designed content that represents the artist’s product and the international market the artist is interested in… it could become the artisan sales portal for that international social demographic.

However, businesses should remember – everyone can cook with spices and some will try to copy a Chef’s style but at the end, the level of mastery and overall flavor of a meal between a prep-chef and a chef are two completely different experiences; lastly, a master can make simple things into amazing abstract experiences and often knows more than just one style…

Digital Content Case Study: GER to GER Agency and Foundation had the misfortunate experience with some very unethical networkers (competitors, interest groups, etc.) who were very active in discrediting the organization, humanitarians, successes, etc., for the past several years. Within a couple weeks time, via its Digital Content Strategy, not only did GER to GER champion this situation via the highroad but more importantly laid the necessary foundation to take the highest rankings in Google Search Engines across all essential keywords and phrases. Today, GER to GER is enjoying the global successes of its ethical labors – GER to GER has managed to restore its honor that was nearly unethically destroyed.