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Expedition and Travel Management/Logistics

Tourism, Films, Documentaries, Reality Shows, Photography; Skill, Experience and Resilience

Simply, for over 20 years I have been managing everything from simple trip logistics up to internationally famed film productions i.e. CBS’s The Amazing Race. I have led, driven and guided countless expeditions whether it be for filming/photography, business, humanitarian and social economic development initiatives, etc. Beyond the standard check-lists, vehicle checks, etc., also well-experienced in GIS-ing, handling more advanced outback health, safety and security situations, etc.

I have a broad-range of required skills/expertise for projects and productions ranging from cross-industry marketing promotional materials (online/offline) in tourism, meat, cashmere, humanitarian, film, tv, etc. Expeditions often require a high level of experience as most have been physically demanding terrains/locations with temperatures ranging from -60 winter storms to +30s in desert heat.


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