GER to GER – Is it a Rich Profiteering Company?


The Statements

For the past few years, I have read numerous times that “Zanjan Fromer the American is making all the money…” and even worse cases of public defamation all over the internet across via Trip Advisor, Lonely Planet, etc… Despite reading this type of derogatory remarks, I have yet to really comment on this matter as I didn’t want to come across as being oppressive or dominant… So imagine patiently holding your breathe over the past few years as numerous people around the world continuously and intentionally insult your honor/works by providing false information to the greater public. Its not an easy task to just try to ignore the situation especially when results are everywhere (online/offline) – which should highlight my patient personality. How long has this been going on? Prior the last few months of me going online from time to time, I have been the target of attacks as a humanitarian overseas for around 5+ years now.

In addition to this, I have had to patient 100s if not 1000s of individuals that have managed to intentionally complicate our humanitarian works throughout Mongolia; both locals and internationals.

Fair Play Response

Today, as apart of my “Fair Play” Campaign Works, I would like to address this matter simply and directly to the point:

  1. No, neither GER to GER Agency nor Foundation are profiteering entities – as a matter in fact, owing to these rumors both my colleague and I have had to use all our personal savings to cover the operational costs owing to the reduced number of travelers and projects; owing to such untruthful public defamation activities.
  2. GER to GER Agency returns approximately 70%-80% of our annual revenues to the rural areas in the forms of salaries, business contracts, vocational trainings, marketing and covering their business administration costs, etc. Today, even the Founder/CEO of GER to GER, “the American”, has been earning less than minimum wage for nearly a decade to ensure that both the Agency and Foundation may operate as a non-profit entity in the private sector; in addition, to in-kind contributions of resources and time.
  3. The co-founder “Mongolian”, likewise, earn the same (below minimum wage by international standards) and also contributes personal financial resources and time.

Documentation vs. Bully Statements/Public Defamation

Our financial documents are audited by the Mongolian Tax Authority.

So the concept of our Agency and Foundation participating in corruption or corruption like activities is extremely saddening to hear and read as such comments go publicized on social media forums like TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet without any fact checks which damages our Humanitarian Organization’s name and ability to sustain itself.


Yes, who should be held accountable for unethical public defamation of unverified statements? This is not a threat but an “Ethics Question” that should be contemplated – when someone goes online to publicly defame someone it has a massive impact on 100s of families throughout Mongolia. The damages are not just a few hundred travelers to an Agency or Foundation but rather the sustainable incomes of 100s of families throughout rural locations. If we were to calculate the damages it would be a huge number to the rural and nomadic families across Mongolia not to me or my colleague as we earn less than minimum wage. If its their aim to damage/sabotage me or my colleague, they are sadly mistaken – they are damaging and sabotaging the sustainable livelihoods of 100s of rural families.

Accountability: Five Years of UN Human Rights Violations

In addition to the above, who in Mongolia will be held responsible for the past 5 years of 1000s upon 1000s of systematic human rights violations carried out against this USA Humanitarian in Mongolia? The United Nation Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) has been signed and ratified in Mongolia law, but regardless Mongolia still behaves like the “wild west”.

Please kindly pull out the UDHR and re-read Articles 1-30 and ask yourselves – do you really think you score high on any of them during the past 5+ years? If not, then why? Before attacking USA Humanitarians in Mongolia – you should abide by the UDHR and set the standard, or at least make an effort. If you can not, then many like us will ensure that UDHR will not be forgotten and shall be upheld within our given rights as clearly written in UDHR; to interfere with my Rights to express the situation is to violate the United Nation Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Personal Conclusion

Our organization is more than delighted to provide audited financial documents to prove our authenticity, how about those who have slandered me (Mr. Zanjan Fromer) and our organization? Please do provide documentation supporting your claims? Or is it just unlawful, unethical bullying, slandering and public defamation activities?

Once again, how is it that a small handful of people, 13, out of 3,000+ clients can control the fate of not only our Agency and Foundation but more overly destroy so many nomadic families’ incomes throughout Mongolia?

GER to GER Agency and Foundation is not a business per say, it is a humanitarian organization that tries to operate sustainably in the private sector.

At minimal, there should be equal rights between “animals in zoos” and “nomads in rural countryside” – nobody should be yelling and screaming at the zoo animals and at the park ranger when the animals are just doing their natural thing. And nobody should be making false statements that the park ranger and staff are corrupt profiteers because the animals are tending to their natural routines or exhausted owing to the demands of their extreme outback lifestyles… GER to GER is an organization more oriented for explorers, cultural ambassadors and change-makers; respectfully not for your everyday leisure tourists (honestly, I also enjoy leisure travel, but this is an activity for adventure travelers, explorers, and those that are unexperienced but really want to become an explorers and wish to gain experience safely – it’s not a play park or a touching zoo; but safe enough for kids up to elders).

Today, both my colleague and I are extremely in debt and exhausted in maintaining GER to GER Agency and Foundation – thank you all for your past kindnesses. We both are truthfully uncertain whether or not this activity will continue into 2015 owing to uncontrolled circumstances of some locals and foreigners who have worked extremely hard at sabotaging GER to GER Agency and Foundation over the past 5 years – we will all have to wait and see… Regardless, I will be writing up a report that I hope will provide guidance to future international investors.

Regardless, we will continue to work in 2014 and we do hope that many more travelers will book with us this season!

A Captain Never Abandons Ship.