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Filmmaking: Pre-Production, Production and Post Production

100s of Films have been filmed and produced in last 15 or so years

With well over 100 films ranging from small infomercials, travel films, travel logs, small documentaries and even a featured length documentary – I have shot film in about every worse condition conceivable! From -40+ degrees winter locations, to scorching 40+ deserts, being surrounded by hungry bees, stomping through swamps/tundra, hiking mountain ranges, and more. In order to capture those unique shots pretty much every client has always put me to the test!

Beyond Production Support, if I am not filmmaking for myself, I prefer to get the client involved into the process in a manor by which is empowering towards a productive environment of creativity. I have learned that often clients sometimes have brilliant ideas that just require a little polishing, and that’s why they often hire people such as myself to take concepts and foster them into reality. Those projects are typically with international donor projects with the focus on highlighting the 5-Ws in a informative and creative manor to their sponsors or to the general community that they are engaged with.

Producer and Field Producer

Though most of my professional history is centered around production management and filmmaking, I have had the pleasure of producing and co-producing on more than a handful of film productions.

Digital Filming Services – Director of Film (DoF)

For well over a decade I have been working both in the public and private sectors throughout Mongolia to advance countless organizations, agencies, associations, companies and even individual initiatives in strengthening their stock-footage and promotional short films spots.

As Director of Film (DoF) a lot of my responsibilities beyond setting up storyboards and shot-lists around the country also involved the actual filming, expedition logistics and more.

The actual client list is ‘healthy’ – so just to highlight a few major clients: USAID’s The Competitiveness Initiative, USAID/CHF Ger Initiative, National Geographic Society – Museum Center Piece, The Asian Foundation, BreakThrough Media, GER to GER Agency and Foundation, etc.

Digital Film Editing Services

For 15 years I have been splicing and dicing footage for everything from making Flash Media motion graphic spots (ages ago) to HD pieces for a variety of purposes; TV, International Business Exhibitions, DVDs, Flash, Online, etc. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to state that I have successfully accomplished 100s and 100s of projects for a variety of clients throughout Mongolia and around the world covering a broad range of subject matter.

I typically work with Adobe’s Creative Cloud Suite (everything), though I do have experience on Final Cut Pro and some other NLE softwares; also I have lots of experience in Audio editing as I often mix my own film soundtracks.

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