A South Carolina Clinic illegally hijacks an Internationally Awarded Humanitarian’s Identity and Life via Intentional Fraudulent Reporting on Medical Documents that results in Oppression Against the Humanitarian…

Updated: February 21, 2015 – 10:05

Clinic’s Name: Center of Primary Health Care – Family Medicine or CPCF
Clinic’s Location: North Augusta, South Carolina – USA
Physician in Question: David M. Jester, MD
Health Care Fraud Issue: Fraudulent reporting, medical identity thievery and medical misconduct

Clinic’s Website: http://www.cpcfamilymed.com/

On February 19th 2015, Dr. Jester of North Augusta, SC Center of Primary Health Care has intentionally engaged in committing unlawful acts of “Fraudulent Reporting, Medical Identity Thievery and Medical Misconduct” towards Mr. Zanjan Fromer; an internationally recognized and awarded American humanitarian. Fraudulent reporting have been confirmed by supportive evidence and the doctor’s lack of action to communicate his desire to rectify the fraudulent medical notes in Mr. Fromer’s health report within a proper timeframe after numerous communications made by Mr. Fromer (in person visitation, telephone call and emails); a registered patient of the clinic. Mr. Fromer, on February 9th 2015, had officially visited the clinic to carryout a routine physical and blood analysis; “Clean Bill of Health”. Though the lab reports were all 100% accurate and showed Mr. Fromer is in Good Health, Dr. Jester’s personal medical reporting and notes are fraudulent fabrications that could seriously damage Mr. Fromer’s good business standings in the United States of America and internationally.

Dr. Jester intentionally fabricated and reported that Mr. Fromer:

  1. Concern about possible exposure while in Europe causing problems – No such statement was ever made by Mr. Zanjan Fromer.
  2. Concern for radiation exposure in Ukraine – At no time has Mr. Zanjan Fromer made this statement nor has Mr. Fromer ever visited Ukraine. Mr. Fromer’s passport contains no Ukraine Border Stamp nor does any such documentation exists at the US State Department nor in Ukraine.

This is the actual page that Mr. Fromer edited and requested the clinic to removed these fabricated and fraudulent statements, in person at the health clinic, to which Mr. Fromer’s requests were denied by Dr. Jester.

Now the legal situation is simple – health crimes against Mr. Fromer have been committed:

  1. Dr. Jester does not possess nor can he produced any legal evidence supporting his medical notes as none exist – even if audio recordings were taken they would 100% vindicate Mr. Fromer and prove that Dr. Jester committed Fraud (local, state, federal and potentially international if Mr. Fromer was added to a Global Watch-List owing to these fraudulent reports; as it would fall into Violations of UN’s UDHR as Mr. Fromer’s health and safety could be potentially compromised overseas via local authorities).
  2. Playing the ‘hearsay’ or ‘he said/she said’ card (spin-doctor) is not admissible as evidence in court of law. However, Mr. Fromer maintains on his person all supportive evidence and documentation that counters Dr. Jester’s fraudulent medical reporting.

USA Passport is Mr. Fromer’s main documentation of Personal ID and is on Mr. Fromer’s person at all times. No such evidence supporting Dr. Jester’s Fraudulent Medical Reporting exists in Mr. Fromer’s passport nor in any DoS documentation.

Dr. Jester was kindly requested by Mr. Fromer numerous times, both in person at his office and later by numerous emails, to rectify these falsified statements (notes) in his medical report. Via the clinic’s clerk, Dr. Jester declined Mr. Fromer’s requests regardless even when Mr. Fromer had his Passport on-site to verify the doctor’s statements were 100% false. Dr. Jester declined all invitations by Mr. Fromer to rectify all acts of fraudulent reporting at his office and also declined to meet with Mr. Fromer in person during the visitation. Later, the Manager of the Clinic informed Mr. Fromer that Dr. Jester “will decide” whether or not the doctor will change his fraudulent reporting. This was highly unusual and clearly highlighting that Dr. Jester and this clinic are intentionally hijacking Mr. Fromer’s life instead of correcting the matter within a couple keystrokes. Till today, Dr. Jester has allowed 10 days to pass without rectifying his fraudulent reporting as these notes we initially produced on February 9, 2015.

Many may wonder why is this so important? All health cases are reported to the US Government and with fraudulent statements being made unethically by Dr. Jester it could seriously damage Mr. Fromer’s life and identity both in the United States of America and abroad. Such fraudulent reports can be passed around the world by law authorities’ global watch-lists thus damaging Mr. Fromer’s personal and professional life and humanitarian works overseas. Unethical reporting as such violates countless rules, regulations, laws (local, state and federal), medical codes of ethics including the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) – chiefly: Article1, Article 3, Article 7, Article 9, Article 12, Article 22 and Article 29… as such fraudulent reporting directly hinders Mr. Fromer’s personal and professional environments.

Dr. Jester has intentionally chosen to violate countless laws (state, federal and international) and the UN’s UDHR by his unlawful acts of fraudulent health reporting, identity hijacking and has desired not to rectify them in order to damage Mr. Zanjan Fromer’s domestic and international credibility.

Mr. Fromer maintains all evidences, documentation and correspondences on his person for authorities upon request. Further additions and edits to this Press Release to protect Mr. Fromer’s identity from unlawful activities shall be made over the course of the next couple days.

Mr. Fromer has and shall continue to contact various Offices of Inspector Generals, agencies, anti-fraud organizations, news agencies, etc., in addition to making continuous public press releases and statements (online/offline) to counter any and all Dr. Jester’s identity/life hijacking and oppression activities against Mr. Fromer’s life until this matter is officially resolved by either the Clinic or Dr. Jester.


January 2nd, 2016 Situational Update: Upon returning to the United States safely in December 2015, I can report that since/owing to Dr. Jester’s fraudulent notes in my Medical Report (Identity Thievery) – it has been interpreted in the worse possible way to which it has produced countless situations that has damaged my personal and professional standings; all of which I have had to patiently endure for nearly a year. Some situations, but not limited to the following, include: local OIG unethically dismissing the investigation without interviewing and/or asking any details/questions from me concerning my complaint case that I made and ignoring my follow-up email asking for clarifications (potentially local politics vs. an outsider such as myself), countless stalkings, complication of both personal/business travel and professional works, constant sniffers, a loss of prospective business, etc. A formal report shall be produced.