GER to GER Reviews – What is the best way to travel for me?

We have been asked this question 1000s of times and most of the time I would say that over 90% of the international travelers got it right – which is important to you and to us! For the 10% that don’t get it right, 9% are semi-satisfied and leaving the 1% that requires us to do everything in our power to keep them from literally blowing up. Its important to review the itineraries carefully and ask questions or even recommendations from GER to GER staff and even from me, Zanjan Fromer, we are here to give you the most relevant information to ensure that you choose wisely; nothing worse than being told that we are responsible for people who didn’t spend enough time reviewing information, reading and asking questions from us prior to traveling.

Step One – How to Review Ger to Ger?

First and foremost, you need to ask yourself a few questions:
1. Are you a “tourist” type of traveler?
2. Do you prefer traveling on strict time schedules?
3. Are you afraid of getting a little dirty?
4. Do you prefer blaming others rather than problem solving?
5. If you break your backpack cable instead of trying to fix it yourself do your try to find a clever way to defraud the company into paying for it by threatening to defame the company’s good name online?

If you are any of the above then you really need to rethink is GER to GER the right choice for your vacation. However, if you are the following:

  1. A Traveler that wishes to have a cultural adventure!
  2. A Traveler that understand its the experiences along the journey that make the trip
  3. A Traveler that enjoys the Great Outdoors
  4. A Traveler that is mature enough to focus on finding solutions
  5. A Traveler that is both ethical and responsible at heart and mind

Then GER to GER is a perfect fit for your next Great Adventure!

GER to GER is even great for those that are used to “touristic” style of travel but are wishing and desiring to advance forward into the world of exploration as we will train you before departure and guide you along the way.

Step Two – Book Your GER to GER Trip

Its really that simple, till today GER to GER has served 1000s of international travelers from around the world and for those that followed this simple advise all had amazing experiences!

If you are not one of those type of people that yell and scream at waiters and waitresses for luxury service when you are paying regular prices for a wholesome meal and genuine service, then you are a perfect fit for GER to GER.

Traveler Testimonial

“My family had an awesome experiences with Ger To Ger and the family we stayed with were very polite. I recommend very strongly for anyone is to LEAVE your Western ideals and politics at home because you’re dealing with totally different culture. We’ve met some bad apples, tourist is what I am referring had issues before taking Ger to Ger. 5 groups just gotten off from other tour company and we got stuck with a few bad apples who had nothing better but complained from the get go. We knew that this family we stayed just finished hosting another family. We were told that Ger to Ger wasn’t like other tour company where travelers weren’t shuttle around like cattle and they take your money. This company let’s Mongolians herders families take our money for staying in their homes. To us that was awesome and we experienced for ourselves one to one wonderful relationship with the Mongolian herders. These herders have a beautiful tradition and culture. Learn and read as much as you can about what to do and NOT to do. It’s very important other wise your communications and your Western will clash. As far as working with Mr. Fromer from day one we have no complaints. The people or Mongolian herders told us that Zanjan Fromer has done a lot for their community. It took Mongolian herders a while to warm up to the idea of having people like us outsiders or tourist come into their homes and communities but soon saw the benefits which helped their families to make a living. No other tour company in Mongolia we know of does this kind of tour, and saying this we felt strongly connected to the people we stayed with. Yes, we would book our next adventure in Mongolia.”