1. Trip Advisor & Lonely Planet’s Industry Scams and Fraud

2017 has been a perfect season for GER to GER without any “known” hardcore scammers so far!!! 

Before 2017, this video highlights 100% how scammers operate and work together on Trip Advisor and Lonely Planet’s Thorn Tree to harm innocent victims, businesses and organizations… Shame on Trip Advisor and Lonely Planet’s Thorn Tree for “NEVER” verifying any facts and allowing a “handful” frauds to intentionally manipulate your corporate business sites and allow the promotion “fraud, fake, dishonest, defamatory reviews” as truths, daily events or international market conscience that ultimately damages good people, businesses and organizations! You should be much more responsible!

This is how the con-artists operate their scams to promote on Lonely Planet and Trip Advisor…

 The Con-Artists’ Methodology and Scam:

Con-Artists Method “Ignorance is Bliss”: They always unethically purchase inexpensive community-based budget “humanitarian research trips” and expected/force locals to serve them as they purchased fully packed vacation tours (they were trained not to do this during the 2 hour training workshops, etc. Professional Humanitarian Liability Trainings are conducted by an International Specialist with over 22+ years of Professional Expertise throughout Mongolia including extreme environs (-50 plus degrees expedition/production works, etc.) and Abroad; Internationally Awarded, Recognized by National Geographic Society, Recipient of Mongolia’s 2nd Highest Medal of Honor – The Ministerial Gold Star of Leadership, etc. These Humanitarian Training Workshops cover: contracts; terms and conditions; liabilities; assumption of risks; humanitarian 101; outback to international social economic supply/value chain analysis and mapping; country info; history and important highlights; customer vs. cultural service; DOs and DON’Ts; cultural and cross-cultural analysis/studies; nomadic lifestyle; “Leave No Trace Travel” – environmental protection; activity health/safety – horseback, trekking, etc.; wildlife awareness – wolves, snakes, insects, etc.; extreme situational “survival 101” in relation to weather, terrains, navigation (sun, terrain, vegetation, geographical vectoring, etc.), physical, mental and medical; emergency COMMs methodology; itinerary confirmation; language; and more.).

Hair in the Cheeseburger Ransom Threat (It’s the Con-Artists’ Hair)/After Eating “Give Me Money! Or I’ll TELL the WORLD that I found a hair…”: The scammers’ goal is to intentionally misreport situations domestically/internationally so they could commit defraud of nomadic families/scam cash from the locals by forcing GER to GER into unethical/unverified refunds via threats of very “Public Defamation”; forced defraud.

Con-Artists Gets Caught, Creates Public Disruption, Cons People and Businesses into Crimes to Evade: When Con-Artists and Scammers get caught – they always engaged in “very loud” and public defamation campaigns (online/offline) via turning Trip Advisor/Lonely Planet into weapons against victims and those associated with the victims (to make people fearful in standing up for the victim – isolate from peers and attack) as Trip Advisor and Lonely Planet’s Thorn Tree doesn’t confirm any facts (they just allow 100% hearsay as truth); scammers’ classic disruption/isolation/attack method to evade legal liabilities by stirring up public sympathy and the “great con-artists/scammers” get the public to stalk, terrorize, attack the victims (GER to GER) on their behalf…

Con-Artists Using the System to Evade: When GER to GER professionally provided facts/evidence the Trip Advisor or Lonely Planet’s Forum Managers they don’t easily remove fraudulent reviews and state “you must contact the company’s legal department…” in order to continue circulating fake/dishonest reviews… corporate fraud, anti-trust, etc.

Con-Artists’ End-Game Results: Overall – classic market disruption, public defamation, creating situations where the victims’ UN UDHR Article 12 (and more) are continuously being violated via fraud and fraudulent reporting (which is dangerous for foreigners working overseas, such as myself, as extremists can falsely detain or exile innocent foreign workers, etc.), creating situations of anti-trust and corporate fraud for businesses like Trip Advisor and Lonely Planet’s Thorn Tree… and more.

This is our lives and our works that are on the line… it’s not a game

There is no justification to destroy organizations and people for unethical refunds (defraud) that are generally between $20 to $50 – for nomadic families that’s more than a months standard income!

For us foreigners who are working overseas (business, humanitarian, development, etc.) in developing countries – this isn’t a joke or a game… Con-artists’ and scammers’ fraudulent reporting puts our lives and those lives we are trying to assist into serious jeopardy; I can testify from first-hand experiences… there are plenty of case studies where foreign victims have been unethically stalked, maliciously harassed, works interfered with, physically beaten, poisoned, vehicles sabotaged to look like accidents, UN Human Rights continuously violated, unethically investigated/detained or illegally imprisoned via extremists’ setups, socially and economically forced out of countries and worse…

So in behalf of all us foreign workers and humanitarians who are trying to make things better overseas… Please be ethical, Thanks!

(Currently as of today, less than 15 scammers still remain on Trip Advisor/Lonely Planet from 1000s of successful travelers; scammers represent less than 1% of total clientele)

Trip Advisor Thread (Con-Artists’ and Scammers’ Hive): https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowTopic-g293956-i9383-k4819…

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UK Guardian – Trip Advisor Fined for Fake Reviews


Official Case Study – Industry Disruption/ Market Manipulation

“The Cheapskate Disruption Scam”

This Particular Industry Scammer/Disrupter is Responsible for both:
1.  Ger to Ger: Goat’s milk and stinky cheese in Mongolia’s Gobi desert …

2. Warning: Do NOT do Ger to Ger program – Lonely Planet” “Fresh Coffee Stains”/”jugglingtam” gets Publicly Caught/Massively Corrected on Lonely Planet’s Thorn Tree 

This scammer booked with two different companies – she bought a “vacation trip” with Selena Travel and purchased a cheap “humanitarian/cultural research trip” with GER to GER. The Blogger of “Fresh Coffee Stains” or commonly known asjugglingtam” on Lonely Planet’s Thorn Tree tried to unethically make it publicly appear that she purchased a “vacation tour” with GER to GER – she didn’t; like other scammers she booked an inexpensive humanitarian trip, didn’t desire to learn/prepare and afterwards treated the locals/organization literally like a trashy-tourist…  To the untrained eye – many wouldn’t comprehend that fact, also, you wouldn’t realize this scammer’s booking/travel method/blogging/writing style/post’s submission-timing is all designed to “intentionally disrupt/burn” competitor companies/key individuals unethically – destroy credibility, business opportunities, etc. “Fresh Coffee Stains” is 100% an industry-disruption Fraud/Scam – we highly caution travel companies to be careful when booking/hosting this person; she’ll unethically blog nonsense to burn you and your company with no concern if she negatively influences locals’ income and humanitarians’ creditability (it’s most likely she is a “hired gun” by competitors to cleverly discredit companies/organizations via disruption activities via her blogs, online posts on travel platforms, etc.). In fact, jugglingtam overly street-trash like/non-classy method of blogging was also unethically targeted at attacking Mr. Fromer’s 22+ years of social economic/transitional development history (“Hint: it’s because you suck, dude.”) without investigating who Mr. Fromer is – www.Zanjan-Fromer.com (The longest American in space logged 4,000 hours – Mr. Fromer has logged over 196,800+ overseas transitional development hours; Mr. Fromer is the First American to be Awarded the 2nd Highest Medal of Honor “The Ministerial Gold Star of Leadership”, Emmy/DGA Awarded “The Amazing Race”, USAID, National Geographic Society, UNESCAP, World Bank, etc.).

GER to GER’s Official Response to Shameless Scammer’s Blog: 

Situation Simplified

Over the last decade we have had a handful of extremely vocal scammers/trolls (less than 20) that purchased “reality humanitarian trips” (100% cultural research trips) and unethically criticize/troll us as if they purchased/traveled on “packaged vacation trips” in order to unethically obtain refunds/free trips; defraud nomadic families. 

Another words, they all fully knew that they were buying “local economy class” (very inexpensive/all inclusive – do it yourself with locals) but afterwards cruelly decided to scam a free trip by demanding ‘first class attention/service’ from locals and then unethically sway the public into thinking that they had purchased “international first class services” and were cheated/treated unfairly by GER to GER or rural nomadic families; which isn’t the truth as we have their signed humanitarian trip contracts.  

Simply, its like going to a “self-service salad bar” – if you poorly make and eat your own salad at a buffet is it ethical to then demand a refund, yell and criticize the store and its staff online for your inability to make your own salad properly…? Common sense answer – “it’s not ethical”. 

Ensuring 100% Proper Comprehension

GER to GER’s 13 Repetitive Verifications for All Travelers 

1. Online access to “what is GER to GER”, “how does GER to GER operate, etc.”
2. Online access to Information about the differences between “Humanitarian Reality Trips” and Packaged Trips
3. Online access to “Terms and Conditions” of Humanitarian Trips
4. Correspond with GER to GER staff by emails; Q&A, etc.
5. Upon arrival in Mongolia – all travelers receive a mandatory 2 hour training workshop; introduction of Humanitarian Travel, What to expect, What not to Expect, Mongolian History, Mongolian Culture, Rural Health and Safety, and Mongolian Language
6. At the workshop all travelers are updated with current weather, culture, etc., information that may influence their trip and are informed rural nomads have the “power” to change the trip when necessary; transparently listed on the Terms and Conditions owing to their lifestyles.
7. At the workshop all travelers are educated the difference between “cultural service” vs. “customer service” and so much more to ensure that they are fully aware that they are traveling as humanitarians and not as “tourists” on a vacation.
8. At the workshop all travelers AGAIN review Humanitarian Trip’s Terms and Conditions
9. At the workshop all travelers review GER to GER disclaimer with Instructors
10. At the workshop all travelers are provide an opportunity to change their trip/minds
11. At the workshop all travelers CAREFULLY REVIEW AND SIGN the “Assumption of Risk Contract” that includes weather, culture, lifestyle, 3rd Party Suppliers, etc., in relation to Humanitarian Trip’s Terms and Conditions; on website, handbook, etc.
12. After signing the Assumption of Risk Contract all travelers make final payments

13. After contract signing, workshop and payments – all travelers are invited to contact us again for further info clarifications prior/during their Reality Humanitarian Trip (via nomadic families mobile phones).

Trip Advisor/Lonely Planet’s Thorn Tree Scammers Hurt Locals

From 12+ years of operations, Less than 15 dishonest reviews (scammers) out of 1000s of happy and successful travelers are trying to turn Trip Advisor and Lonely Planet into “Weapons” with intent to dishonorably publicly disgrace nomadic families and international humanitarians: 

Unfortunately a handful of extremely vocal/unethical scammers’ defamatory reviews are destroying rural nomadic tribes’ opportunities to generate needed incomes; over 80% of Humanitarian Trips income goes to rural participants and the remaining 20% GER to GER spends on rural nomadic tribe’s education/marketing. Also kindly understand that ALL TRAVELERS are repetitively informed that these are very remotely located nomadic families and many are still developing, they are trying to learn how (for the first time) to blend the two cultures “cultural services” vs. “customer services”; of which they do collide in expectations as some aspects are similar however there are so many differences… I can honestly state that if you take a “tourist” mental-framework to the rural areas on any humanitarian trip – there will be more failures than successes – tourist will not succeed in developing meaningful rural-linkages with nomadic families. Just like Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, etc., who all have gone through semi-successful transitional development (took them roughly 100 years) Mongolia is just only beginning their transitional development of 20+ years; ethically, they still require another 60 to 80 years.

Note – Travelers’ Responsibility; Opportunity Provided to Change/Upgrade, Denied

All disgruntled online scammers (Trip Advisor/Lonely Planet Thorn Tree) were all provided 13 Step Verification and opportunities to purchase/change/upgrade their trips to GER to GER’s “Packaged Vacation Trips” however they all declined. It’s the traveler’s responsibility to “fully comprehend” the Difference between Reality Humanitarian Trips and Packaged Trips.

Note – GER to GER’s Packaged “Vacation” Trip Successes 

GER to GER maintains a high rate of satisfaction of well over 90% for over a decade; “Packaged Trips” for International Tour Operators scores at 9.2 out of 10 – near perfect score for 2016 with our international partners.

Note – Humanitarian Trip Issues

Less than 1% complete failures between rural nomadic tribes and travelers; regardless of the less than 20 online attacks, overall from 6,000+ travelers 99% of the travelers scored humanitarian trips as “satisfied”. 

2. Guesthouse Tour Operators’ Industry Fraud and Scams

GER to GER does not resell products/services via any guesthouses in Mongolia

Mongolian guesthouses/tour operators claiming they sell or offer GER to GER products/services are frauds that are intentionally scamming/stealing opportunities from rural nomadic families – some of the online complaints are related to such.

Official Case Study – Industry Fraud/ Scams

Golden Gobi Guesthouse and Tours; 6+ Years of Continuous Industry Fraud and Scams

Nobody can argue the authenticity of the “Internet Archive” – today there is 6+ Years of Evidence showing Industry Fraud and Scams conducted by Golden Gobi Guesthouse and Tours. 

The “International Internet Archive” clearly shows that since 2010, Golden Gobi Guesthouse and Tours has been Illegally using “GER to GER” and variations to unethically commit corporate fraud, scams, market thievery, etc… Golden Gobi Guesthouse and Tours is a prime example of “wolves wearing sheep’s clothing”. Since 2010 when www.GERtoGER.org and www.Zanjan-Fromer.com received international recognition from National Geographic Society as the “Top Ten Global Finalists of the Power of Place Challenge”, and more, our neighbor Golden Gobi Guesthouse and Tours has been involved in non-stop/continuous industry fraud/scams. For the past 6+ years Golden Gobi Guesthouse and Tours has been illegally using “GER to GER” or similar variations “Family to Family”, “Nomad to Nomad” like cheap copies of the original “GER to GER” in order to unethically commit thievery of rural nomadic communities’ opportunities via their website and within their guesthouse.


FRAUD/SCAMS STARTED FROM 2010 (Click on the Link): http://wayback.archive.org/…/h…//www.goldengobi.com:80/tours

FRUAD/SCAMS LASTED TILL 2016 (Click on the Link): http://wayback.archive.org/…/h…//www.goldengobi.com:80/tours

Golden Gobi Guesthouse and Tours (non-tourism professionals) openly state that they are the “Best Tour Operator” in Mongolia – better than any/all tour operators that are exceptionally well established (that includes being better than Juulchin World Tours, New World Juulchin, Ayanchin, etc.)… However, Golden Gobi Guesthouse and Tours IS NOT RECOGNIZED NOR LISTED within the Mongolian Government’s Top 30 Tour Operators List; HOWEVER, please do note that GER to GER is 100% RECOGNIZED/AWARDED by the MONGOLIAN GOVERNMENT and LISTED IN TOP 30 TOUR OPERATORS LIST. 

So without hesitation, I and my others industry recognized/awarded professional colleagues will all honestly state that we all strongly know that Golden Gobi Guesthouse and Tours is both the ‘official breeding ground’ of many industry issues as well as being the “Industry leaders of fraud, thieves, scammers and organized hive of wannabe thugs/stalkers in Mongolia.”