Give2Asia 501c3 and GER to GER Foundation – Who?

Who is the GER to GER Foundation?

Zanjan Fromer

For the past 20+ years, Mr. Zanjan Fromer has been working overseas and around the world assisting countries like Mongolia to develop the competitiveness of their main industries via supply and value chain initiatives, mass and social media, international marketing, film and TV, business linkage development, international business fairs, etc. From these efforts, well over 400+ social economic initiatives across multiple industries in numerous countries have been effectively carried out to assist rural people, villages, communities, cities, provinces, regions and nations; today its my aim to continue expanding these efforts across Mongolia and other into other developing countries. GER to GER Foundation via the kind assistance of internationally famed recording artist Ms. Loreena McKennitt ( suggested Give2Asia Fund to which Zanjan Fromer carried out the Due Diligence works with The Asian Foundation’s Ulaanbaatar Office in 2008. Zanjan Fromer’s first initiative was funded by Ms. Loreena McKennitt and financially managed by Give2AsiaGER to GER Foundation South East Asian Marketing Campaign. Today, we are delighted that our partnership with GER to GER continues strong and that Give2Asia is GER to GER Foundation’s primary USA 501c3 financial coordinator for their social economic development and humanitarian initiatives.

Its Zanjan Fromer’s aim to maximize the potential of various supply/value chains across grass-root, rural, provincial, regional, national and international levels to stimulate public-private sector social economic development and health/human security of a country(-ies) via the diversity of my abilities and works. This includes, but not limited to: research and development, project designing, planning, geographic information systems IT (GISIT) for social economic development (community based tourism, geotourism, ecotourism, and SME Development), business analytics/development, implementation, local/international business linkage and partnership development/mobilization, human resource development/coordination, project management, production management, monitor/evaluation, on/offline marketing, print/web/app development, social media (average 50+ Klout), film/TV media, and international business fairs.

For over 20 years (overseas ‘out in the field’), Zanjan Fromer has had the honor to work and collaborate with many amazing professionals, domestic and international agencies, organizations and companies that include the United States Agency for International Development, Swiss Agency for International Development, World Bank, CBS’s Emmy and DGA

[1]Awarded “The Amazing Race[2]” (WRP), and numerous domestic and international associations and companies pursuing the development of Mongolia’s meat, tourism, cashmere and mining industries. For years, Zanjan Fromer’s skills as a consultant, industry specialist, researcher and analyst (supply [3]/value chains[4], etc.), project manager, marketing specialist, SEO [5], SEM [6], web designer/content manager, film maker, film producer, line producer and/or country production manager for international TV Networks, domestic and international film productions, domestic and international development agencies, and private sector companies, have been honed. It was during this time that Zanjan Fromer authored and founded the GER to GER Geotourism [7]Foundation and Agency. Today GER to GER extends over a geographic spread of 11,000 square kilometers with over 40 community travel routes and community ecotravel products across Mongolia with a global market visibility exceeding 80% of the world’s geography. GER to GER has received accolades from National Geographic Society, Ashoka’s Changemakers, WHL Travel, UNESCAP, Lonely Planet and more. In February 2010, as the Founder and Top Ten Global Finalist, National Geographic Society invited me to attend Global Geotourism Summit and International Geotourism Ambassadorship in Washington D.C. to which GER to GER became an Affiliate of National Geographic Society’s Action Atlas and Explorers Take Action.

Present and Future Aims

Beyond international development throughout central-eurasia continent, Zanjan Fromer is planning to take the lessons learned, initiatives, etc., and to develop future projects that will encompass both Alaskan and American Natives into a cross continental social economic development initiative.

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Benefits to Locals and Internationals

As for local and international success stories, here are just a few from thousands:

1. More than a million dollars has been directly injected into the local economies

2. Extremely remote nomadic communities have been systematically included into the initiatives sustainably

3. Rural children and youth that could not access health and education owing to poverty are now sustainably receiving healthcare and higher education

4. Young adults of nomadic families that never could afford university education are now studying and even graduating from undergraduate programs

5. Costly outreach health initiatives that benefit a few hundred nomads/locals have been enhanced to reach between 4,000 to 5,000 at 1/10 the traditional cost

6. Families that could not afford medical care have paid for surgeries once considered not to be possible owing to lack of finances

7. Diversification of rural job markets owing to the increase level of demand on local supply has generated new opportunities

8. Rural nomadic families that suffered from climatic disasters had been supported throughout the Middle Gobi Desert for a month to assist in stabilizing their livelihoods

9. Today GER to GER operates over 11,000 square kilometers across Mongolia (nearly 7,000 miles of operational terrain: mountains, deserts, pasture lands, steppes, valleys, etc.)

10. Today over 6,000 international travelers have been trained on Responsible EcoTravel and GeoTourism; to which rural health and safety is well above 99% since 2005 till today.

12. Today nomadic families and rural community members across Mongolia receive free vocational trainings on ecotourism and more!

Note: Please feel free to contact me via my website if you would like to obtain additional information that you were not able to locate on the aforementioned websites.