Briefly, in comparison to prior years of having to assist as a regional/international ‘fire-fighter’ to combat unethical interest groups’ agendas to slash/burn and destroy some humanitarian organizations, the country, etc., this year has been amazingly good!

Yes, there are some ‘minor hiccups’ here and there – but I would definitely have to to give credit to both locals and internationals working together to create a more positive and beneficial environment for everyone this 2016… Bravo!

I truly believe that ‘productivity’ is greatly influenced by the environment – if people are generally happy then productivity increases and likewise if people are unhappy… well then… productivity goes down the sh*tter; hence there is no social economic benefits nor need for oppressive ‘dumb ops’, covert harassments, stalkings, privacy and personal boundary violations, etc. Note: Chingis Khan accepted all nationalities, races, religions, etc., and formed “The Great Huraaldai” (literally the first United Nations) of which was supported by mixed nationalities to ensure “Peace & Stability” throughout the Mongol Empire for nearly 500+ years. Even when Marco Polo struck-down misbehaving Mongols/Internationals, the Great Khublai Khan approved of Marco’s methods as He knew that no small group of unethical Mongols/Internationals shall destroy ‘The Great Peace’ that would destroy the Mongol Empire and its relations with its allies.

Yes, Mongolia still has a long road ahead to increase its consumer and investor confidence again – but I can personally testify that people are indeed “trying” to bring about a better environment; as many can testify that I have a “NO BS” approach to development and calling situations as a proper referee to ensure fairness, etc.; I get way past knee-deep in these overseas humanitarian works – to which I have over a decade honors, awards and recognitions to prove it.

Nonetheless, we must continue to maintain our awareness of those locals/internationals (bad businesses, interest groups, etc.) who desire to unethically slash/burn this developing country and all our hard-works carried out by locals/internationals trying to advance it. The Global Market is large enough for Mongolia to justly share its opportunities among its industries without becoming overly greedy and behaving unethically; hence the legacy of Chingis Khan, “The Legend of Alango” and more – even the Great Khan got tired of his own Mongol peoples’ BS/Tamiin Togoo “Hell’s Bowl” (dumb ops – interest groups that unethically try to destroy a person/organization via set-ups/frames, networked oppression tactics in public/private places, lies, cheats, sabotage his/her life/works, changing truths, etc.).

Great job everyone! Great Job!

Kindest regards,

Mr. Fromer