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Film and TV Industry

Filmmaker, Producer, Production Fixer for Pre-Production, Production, Post Production; Logistical Support includes Production Managers, Fixers, Drivers, Transport, Interpreters, PAs and More!

100s of Films have been filmed and produced in last 15 or so years across Mongolia and beyond! 

With well over 100 films ranging from small infomercials, travel films, travel logs, small documentaries and even a featured length documentary – I have shot, produced and supported a broad diversity of international film and tv productions in about every worse condition conceivable in Mongolia and abroad!  From -40+ degrees winter locations, to scorching 40+ deserts, being surrounded by hungry bees, stomping through swamps and tundra, hiking mountain ranges, and more – pretty much every client has those wishes to capture incredible moments (money shots) and are always thankful when we produce the successes owing to the fact I’m also filmmaker and I know what is required; yes, I have been put to the test!

I have a broad-range of benefits that I bring to any production spanning from my vast out in the field experience (over 20+ years overseas) coupled with working/technical experience from small crews to incredibly large international products with million dollar+ budgets is a great package deal for any sort of production companies. Imagine having that one person who has applied experience ranging from office administration, project and financial management, marketing, etc., to pre-production, production and post production.

I have the ability to immediately start to learn new processes, integrate and coordinate with almost every person in your business and support their works knowledgeably; one thing that I have learned with 20+ years of overseas experience, with the greater knowledge that one acquires, more tactful approaches are required when dealing with people of different cultures, educational backgrounds and expertise. On international film and tv productions, the last thing any filmmaker wishes for is for cultural issues to arise between the crew and the locals that your shooting; nonetheless, it does happen and I have plenty of professional experience to move productions forward and achieve success.

During my professional career in the film industry, I have had the honor of working for some of the world’s most prestigious film and TV agencies and production houses. In the range of providing expert production logistics (fixer, production manager, line producer, producer and filmmaker), I have work with ABC, CBS, NBC, National Geographic Society, etc., often this would require me to provide the following: Pre-production (scouting, planning, casting, budgeting), financials and contracting, film and TV production management, wrap-up, etc. In other situations, I have been contracted by National Geographic Society and Rubin’s Art Museum in New York for museum center pieces and requested to produce short films based on my wealth of stock footage which involves me mainly in the post-production aspects (NLE editing, audio, audio mixing, and mastering).

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