Awarded Mongolia Location Fixer, Mongolia Production Manager, Mongolia Field Producer for Film/TV Productions, Nomadic Geotourism and more.

Mr. Fromer is the only Mongolia location fixer, Mongolia field producer, Production Manager in Mongolia directly associated with EMMY & DGA Awards WINS! – (Amazing Race Season 10 – Reality TV Show), Ministry Medal of Honor, Certified NATGEO Geotourism Ambassador, etc. “We all have managed the ‘mechanics’ of Reality TV Productions and Films – but what separates ‘the exceptional specialists’ from ‘the ordinary fixers’ is 100% clearly defined by the awards… As of today, I’m the ONLY SPECIALIST associated with both and EMMY and DGA Awards in Mongolia’s history (The Amazing Race – Season 10).”

My ADVANTAGE is that I have 24+ years of firsthand country, culture, language, history, nationwide geographical assets (, management,  film/tv industry expertise (a couple decades), and more – I’m 100% a contributor towards YOUR success… I’m YOUR EXPERT Mongolia Production Manager/Field Producer – while everyone else will manage your production like a “group tourists with cameras” that need to be fed and transported. And unlike studios that promote themselves as being “fixers” – I’m NATGEO Geotourism Ambassador – I have spent decades out in remote rural locations managing social economic development initiatives for Mongolia’s nomadic populations and rural communities; not in studios – I’m beyond field tested and then some.

I’m an AWARDED international specialist.

“Zanjan Fromer and his team provided top notch creative and logistic support for an episode of “The Amazing Race” for CBS. His creative problem solving and fast thinking helped us get through some very tough situations and in the end added one of the more memorable episodes to an Emmy and DGA award winning season.” – Barry Hennessey (Senior Field Producer for The Amazing Race)


Mr. Zanjan Fromer, Alaskan Native/Native American from the famed Tlingit Tribe, is the ONLY INTERNATIONAL SPECIALIST who arrived in 1994 into Mongolia, and around the world, who studied at the National University of Mongolia (1995-97 received official certification in language, culture, history, etc., and again continued studies from 1997 till 2000 within the National University) and today has accumulated 25+ years of internationally recognized and honored social economic development initiatives (100s of projects across Mongolia’s entire territory) to assist in Mongolia’s social economic post-soviet transition and stabilization. Mr. Fromer isn’t just another foreigner to the Mongols that is seen as a “taker”, like so many other foreigners operating in Mongolia, but rather is respected and honored International Specialist (Mongolian Ministry’s Medal of Honor) for his continuous contributions towards the advancement of Mongolia’s social economic development; cashmere, meat, tourism, film and tv, etc., industries across Mongolia and abroad.


Take a look at our NATIONWIDE operations


Film, Reality TV Productions, Tourism and Development

Over 20 years of experience, skills and expertise associated with Mass Media, Filmmaking, Photography, Producing, Fixing, Scouting, Destination Development, Community Based Tourism Development, Expedition Leading, Expedition Driving, GIS Mapping, Supply Chain Analysis/Social Economic Development and Mapping, Product Developing, Global Marketing, Web Developing, Social Economic Development and more!

Extreme PRO Productions, Mass Media & Projects; when you definitively need ‘that guy’ with a long history of mad-skills on the team… -50 to +40 degrees, remote terrains (desert, mountain ranges) etc., hardship conditions – some of us thrive to succeed in adversity.

Mr. Fromer has over 15 years of successful due diligences, projects, audits & endorsements, international honors, recognitions, achievements and partnerships……

In the last 15 years alone, Mr. Fromer has launched numerous initiatives for for film and TV productions, digital media, marketing, tourism destination development, community based tourism, humanitarian works, social economic development initiatives and more. Mr. Fromer has successfully 1) passed all due diligences 2) managed all projects 3) passed all audits by some of the WORLD’S TOP organizations, agencies and firms i.e. World Bank, United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Mercy Corps International, USAID/J.E. Austin Assoc., USAID/CHF (Global Communities), Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), The Asian Foundation, CBS’s The Amazing Race, Syfy’s Destination Truth, National Geography Society, UNESCAP, even The Mongolian Government (First American ever to be awarded the country’s second highest Medal of Honor – “The Ministerial Gold Star for Leadership” in recognition of two decades of humanitarian/social economic development works) and more. Mr. Fromer has a long-standing history of “ethics” and “getting the job done” when it comes to planning, implementing and managing (finances, grants, sponsorships, donations and more).


Beyond being part of The First USAID Contractor Teams that established the new foundation to advance Mongolia’s social economic development and conservation initiatives post 1989 transition into an Open Market Economy/Democracy; first time in human history for Mongolia (1994-Present, Mr. Fromer has assisted Mongolia; 20+ Years). Mr. Fromer has managed 100s of international projects, initiatives and expeditions (from urban to deep deserts, mountains, steppes – winter/summer, etc.), as a multi-industry/international specialist via his overseas companies and non-profit foundation (NGO). It has been his objective to advance social economic supply chains from remote tribal locations up the cross-industry supply chains (village, provincial, regional, national) to internationally famed business exhibitions (WTM London, ITB Berlin, etc.) via countless ‘brick layering’ initiatives in film, media, tourism, community/destination development, social economic development i.e. ‘competitiveness’, conservation, and more.


Filmmaker, Producer, Production Fixer for Pre-Production, Production, Post Production; Logistical Manager of Producers, Production Managers, Fixers, Drivers, Transport, Interpreters, PAs and More!

100s of Films have been filmed and produced in last 15 or so years across Mongolia and beyond! 


With well over 100 films ranging from small infomercials, travel films, travel logs, small documentaries and even a featured length documentary – I have shot film in about every worse condition conceivable in Mongolia and abroad! From -40 degrees and colder winter locations, to scorching 40+ deserts, being surrounded by hungry bees, stomping through swamps and tundra, hiking mountain ranges, 18+ hour days, and more – pretty much every client has those wishes to capture incredible moments (money shots)… I know the importance as I’m also a tested and tried photographer/videographer – I was contracted by National Geographic Society to make their ‘Centerpiece Film’ for the Washington D.C. Museum; I know all the necessary approaches to setup locations etc., as I’m that guy who has been put to the test countless times and more! 

The benefits that I bring to a production with my vast “field experience” coupled with working/technical experience from small crews to incredibly large international products with million dollar+ budgets is a great package deal for any range of film/television companies.


Imagine that one guy on the team who has applied experience ranging from office administration, project and financial management, marketing, etc., to pre-production, filmmaking, production and post production, etc., that works seamlessly on projects across a variety of  departments whether within the office and/or abroad in harsh remote locations. One day I arrive at your office and can immediately start to learn and talk, integrate and cooperate with almost every person in your business and assist with their activities knowledgeably with kindness; 20+ years of overseas experience has firsthand taught that tactful approaches are both required and appreciated when dealing with people of different cultures, educational backgrounds and expertise. Nevertheless, not all production locations are ‘all peachy’ and like-wise you need ‘that guy’ who knows how to navigate ‘the rough seas’ to ensure you keep moving the production forward; any experienced filmmaker/production house knows the countless risks that are involved overseas – hence – I’m ‘that guy’. 


Depending on the requirements of the film production project, filming duration can differ depending on the clients requests i.e., stylistic footage require longer shooting durations (weather, lighting, locations, etc.). If a crew has the task to shoot more reality approach with minimal stylistics, then this can done on the spot – depending on technical requirements, I prefer shooting with multiple cameras to ensure flexibility during post-production of creative angles, etc. As for standard interviews, on the spot – choose location, provide some light and makeup and we are ready to roll the film… We all know that Post-Production is often done quickest with a storyboard, nonetheless, I have plenty of experience with ‘shooting on the fly’ and pulling together an awesome production with nothing more than basic concepts… sometimes working overseas situations change – that’s when you must “Adapt to Succeed”.

During my professional career in the film industry, I have had the honor of working for some of the world’s most prestigious film and TV agencies and production houses. In the range of providing expert production logistics (fixer, production manager, line producer, producer and filmmaker), I have work with ABC, CBS, NBC, National Geographic Society, etc., often this would require me to provide the following: Pre-production (scouting, planning, casting, budgeting), financials and contracting, film and TV production management, wrap-up, etc. In other situations, I have been contracted by National Geographic Society and Rubin’s Art Museum in New York for museum center pieces and requested to produce short films based on my wealth of stock footage which involves me mainly in the post-production aspects (NLE editing, audio, audio mixing, and mastering).


Global, regional and lo­calized research, surveying, geographic information systems IT (GISIT), navigation, analysis (SWOT, Vin and other intellectual mapping of social economic value chains) and reporting, expedition planning and management, general management, product devel­opment, destination development and marketing, market analysis, branding, business linkage development, networking, public-private partnerships, monitor and evaluation (Level of Effort, Return on Investment), feedback analysis and reporting, program analysis, business and geographic expan­sion, communications/logistics, crises/emergency management, customer relations and trainings.



I was born in a small fishing village called Petersburg, Alaska that roughly has a population of a few thousand people and then later grew up in Juneau the capital city of Alaska (74% Government, 25% Tourism and 1% Private Sector) that has a local population of 30,000 that jumps up in massively for several months out the year. Imagine having a small city with numerous international cruise ships anchored (Princess Cruise, etc.), private and public yachts, Alaskan Marine Highway Ferries, domestic airline carriers, etc., all bring in thousands upon thousands of international travelers per day to your small city. Its a common practice for non-local businesses to be established hand-in-hand with local operators, it is also common for both to have positive and negative influences on the local culture, environment, businesses, etc., and in addition to the tourism industry, other industries also make use of the short lived summer season that also have impacts i.e. mining, fishing, hunting, and so on.

When working in the tourism industry, regardless if its at the community, regional and national level, the certain applicable nodes along frameworks and methodologies have to remain constant i.e. cultural, historical and environmental. As miners would say, “core sampling” is necessary to better understand the ‘earth’ beneath – such an approach can be applied towards better understanding a region and its vast resources; human, culture, nature, etc. Today, it’s vitally important to develop custom methods to advance the social economic supply and value chains beyond point-to-point cost management approach but rather utilizing such ‘maps’ towards enhancing all aspects of given destinations.

For over a decade, I have been testing and refining these social economic supply and value chain approaches that advances traditional methodology towards community based tourism development but more importantly allows for other industries to systematically engaged in regions more sustainably once multi-industry relations are properly developed and fostered for the betterment of the region, its people, its wildlife, its environment, its culture, etc.

Goal – foster a “win, win” environment…


For over 15 years I have been working on different levels of “Competitiveness” for sustainable social economic development; meat, tourism, cashmere, etc. From the “grassroots” along associated industry supply chains to national product development and global competitiveness, I have assisted producers, companies, associations, countries, international exhibitions and international donors (United States Agency for International Development funded The Competitiveness Initiative, World Bank’s Competitiveness Study, etc.).


For over a decade I have visited, supported and/or directly participated in international fairs ranging from World Travel Market London (WTM), ITB Berlin Germany, Adventure Travel Show London, COTTM Beijing, Hong Kong, BIT Milan Italy, Adventure Travel Show D.C., etc.

These works have been done at different times and mainly supported by GER to GER Agency and USAID (BIT Milan).



For over two decades, I have been involved with international, national and local projects, programs and initiatives both in the public and private sectors to assist transitional process of Mongolia from a command economy into an open market economy. From macro to micro and micro to macro, it’s been my responsibility to work along a variety of supply chains to advance the potential of a variety of social economic nodes (locals, businesses, associations, national parks, provinces, regions, national/international, etc.).

I have carried out these works on a macro-level successfully for international donors agencies (USAID, World Bank, SDC, etc.) and their targeted GDP industries, associations and companies all the way down to the micro-level for nomadic families eagerly trying to link their remote products/services to the international market.


This Alaskan has PERSONALLY LED 100s of EXPEDITIONS across Mongolia and beyond… 


(film, photography, tourism, development, business, etc.)

Mr. Zanjan Fromer has a long professional history with top world clients when it comes to EXTREME EXPEDITIONS/PRODUCTIONS both small and large (local/international). Weather has never been an issue Zanjan Fromer has successfully led in -50 DEGREE WINTERS through heavy snow and COLDEST weather conditions to the farthest border locations in Mongolia or across lush mountain valleys and vast open steppes and deserts in prime travel conditions. Mr. Fromer’s success rate is still 100%/100% on all EXTREME EXPEDITIONS/PRODUCTIONS for over 20+ years; budgeting, planning, client health and safety, etc.


When faced with EXTREMELY TOUGH environmental/situational considerations – you’ll definitely desire a TESTED, TRIED AND EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONAL on the team. Don’t just blindly put your life or the lives of your crew into some inexperienced city-studio/travel agent who isn’t an expert nor specialist. They are not properly trained (not mention – they are not a filmmakers, expedition leaders and developers all wrapped into 1 person)  – they’ll just pass you to another local who also isn’t properly trained just for quick cash; almost 99% operate this way in Mongolia.


BE RESPONSIBLE for your crew – ask some intelligent questions and get the facts before entrusting locals and travel companies – do they personally lead or just continuously refer you to others (secretly)…. Do they have all the proper equipments? How many expeditions have they personally led? How extreme have they gone? Are they trained in health and safety (not just band-aids)? What was their toughest experience? What’s the most extreme weather/terrain that they professionally successfully managed a production? What’s the largest crew they have managed? What’s the longest production duration they have managed in remote locations? Do they have a professional history in GIS-ing or just Google-ing to impress? Do they have a TESTED AND TRIED emergency plan, risk assessments, etc.? Have they every successfully managed emergency situations? Do they have any paperworks or professional references to back their claims? etc.




200,000+ overseas hours of Post-Soviet International
Social Economic Development/Transitional Stabilization (UN MDGs/SDGs); -60 to +40 eXtreme weather, terrains AND SITUATIONS

If a captain (pilot) of an airliner must obtain 1,500 to 2,000 flight hours for certification – Mr. Zanjan Fromer is reaching 200,000+ overseas hours…

of non-stop, ‘out in the field’/overseas, transitional social economic development (production manager, producer and expedition leader for documentary films and Reality TV productions (-60 to +40 extreme weather, terrains, situations, etc.), tourism destination development, international travel fairs (ITB, WTM, KOTFA, SITM, etc.), community based tourism, social enterprises, humanitarian initiatives, human rights initiatives (map/counter extremists, etc.), social economic development projects (supply chains, cross-industries, public-private sectors, SMEs, etc.), risk assessments/mitigation efforts, etc.). When comparing Mr. Fromer’s overseas hours with a FAA Certification for Pilot License – a Captain or First Officer of a commercial airliner requires 1,500 hours of total flight time as well as other requirements for certification – Mr. Fromer, has sufficiently met those basic LEADERSHIP requirements with his approaching 200,000+ hours of continuous overseas social economic development works and much more.



Short List of Mr. Fromer’s Skills/Experience: Producer | Production Manager | Scout | Fixer – Country/Rural Areas | Filmmaker – Video (cameraman)/Drone | Travel Photography | Sound Recordist | Post Production Editor | Logistics | Project Manager | Tourism Specialist | Destination Developer | Geographic Information Systems and Navigation | Online & Offline Global Marketing Specialist – Web/Internet Strategies to International Business Fairs, etc. | Travel Photography | Expedition Leader & Driver | Supply Chain Mapping and Assessments | Risk Assessment & Mitigation | Transitional Developer | Stabilization Specialist | Applied International Relations/UN MDGs/SDGs Advancement via Cross Sector/Multi-Industry Fostering of PPPs | Humanitarian | Expert Trainer | Small Medium Enterprise Development | Business Intelligence & Strategies | Rural to Global Outreach Program Advancement | Community Mobilization and Development | Community Based Tourism Specialist | Multi-Industry Social Economic Developer | National/Country Level Social Economic Development | International Competitiveness | Etc.





The Competitiveness Initiative

“Zanjan’s creativity ensures delivery of high quality, professional media work that stands out. Always willing to take on a new challenge, he thrives on problem solving and new approaches.”

Alan Saffery – USAID Mongolia – The Competitiveness Initiative -Competitiveness, Economic Development and Private Sector Development Consultant


“Zanjan and his team provided top notch creative and logistic support for an episode of “The Amazing Race” for CBS. His creative problem solving and fast thinking helped us get through some very tough situations and in the end added one of the more memorable episodes to an Emmy and DGA award winning season.” (SEASON 10, EPISODE 2)

– Barry Hennessey (Senior Field Producer at The Amazing Race – 2006)


Ministry’s Medal of Honor, Passport and Seal

On September 2015, Mr. Fromer had become the FIRST AND ONLY American in Mongolian History (dating back to the Great Khans of the Mongol Empire) to receive “The Ministerial Gold Star for Leadership”; the country’s second highest medal of honor with its Government Passport Booklet bearing the Minister’s Signature, SEAL and Medal Count/Serial Number from the Ministry of Environment, Green Development and Tourism; in dedication to Mr. Fromer’s career.



ZANJAN FROMER – definition – multi-sector (community/international) program development specialist; film/TV, tourism, business,  marketing, social economic development, outreach, etc.

A “SHORT LIST” of Mr. Zanjan Fromer’s (Timeline) of Achievements, Honors and Recognitions:

  • A Brief Timeline of Achievements, Honors and Recognitions:
  • 2019 Petit Fute Guidebook and Online Marketing –
  • 2019 Zurich, Switzerland’s International Travel Fair (FESPO) – Official Exhibitor/Approved by Ministry –
  • 2018/19 Trip Advisor – Officially Recognized as a “Recommended Business” –
  • 2018 Taipai, Taiwan’s International Travel Market – Official Exhibitor/Approved by Ministry –
  • 2018 Korean International Travel Fair (KOTFA) – Official Exhibitor/Approved by Ministry –
  • 2018 Panelist Speaker at the USAID Funded LEAD SUMMIT (Leaders for Democracy)
  • 2017 World Travel Market London, UK – Official Exhibitor/Approved by Ministry – and Responsible.Tours
  • 2017 Seoul International Travel Mart Expo – Official Exhibitor/Approved by Ministry – and Responsible.Tours
  • 2017 COTTM, Beijing’s International Travel Exhibition  – TEAM
  • 2017 ITB Berlin, Germany International Travel – Official Exhibitor/Approved by Ministry –
  • 2016/17 Mongolia Producer of “Dani’s Way”; first trilateral international production between Beijing, USA and Mongolia – supported by Mongolia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • 2016 World Travel Market (WTM) London, England – Official Exhibitor/Approved by Ministry –
  • 2016 ITB Berlin, Germany International Travel Exhibition – Official Exhibitor/Approved by Ministry –
  • 2015 WTM London Travel International Travel Exhibition – Official Exhibitor/Approved by Ministry –
  • 2015 ITB Berlin, Germany International Travel Exhibition – Official Exhibitor/Approved by Ministry –
  • 2006-Today Official Partner of Give2Asia (USA501c3)
  • 2005-Pres. IMDb Profile and Some Client Listings; The Amazing Race, No Strangers, In the Footsteps of Genghis Khan, etc.
  • 2014 Certified Member of the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA)
  • 2008-2014 Lonely Planet “…most innovative tourism concept in Mongolia, …top of every traveller’s wish list…”
  • 2014 ITB Berlin, Germany Travel Exhibition – Official Exhibitor/Approved by Ministry –
  • 2014 Adventure Travel Show London Exhibitor
  • 2014 Hong Kong Adventure International Travel Exhibition – Official Exhibitor –
  • 2013 WTM London Travel Exhibition – Official Exhibitor/Approved by Ministry –
  • 2013 Rough Guides – Meet the Locals – How to Immerse Yourself on Your Local Travels
  • 2012 COTTM Beijing, China International Travel Exhibition – Official Exhibitor –
  • 2012 National Geographic’s “World’s Best Travel Experiences” #8 –
  • 2010 National Geographic Society – Geotourism Ambassadorship
  • 2010 National Geographic Society – Global Finalist Certificate
  • 2010 Honored by National Geographic as one of World’s Innovative Travel Entrepreneurs (press release)
  • 2010 National Geographic Geotourism Guide –
  • 2009 Top Ten Global Finalist of National Geographic Society and Ashoka Changemakers “Power of Place” Geotourism Challenge
  • 2009 WHL Travel’s Urban Adventures Award
  • 2009 Tour Dust’s Scholarship Award
  • 2009 National Geographic Society’s Weekend Broadcast
  • 2007 NBC UNIVERSAL STUDIO’S Syfy Channel – “Destination Truth” – Josh Gates
  • 2007 United States Agency for International Development Grant Winner
  • 2007 Officially recommended by UNESCAP at its 63rd Session – Page 14
  • 2006-07 Established the – GER to GER Fund with the Assistance of Loreena McKennitt (internationally famed Singer) and The Asian Foundation
  • 2006 National Geographic Society Washington D.C. Museum – personally requested Mr. Zanjan Fromer to make and produce the Centerpiece Film for “Mongolia: Rebirth of Traditions”
  • 2006 Official Partner/Country Production Fixer for CBS’s The Amazing Race: Season 10 Episode 2 – Won both an Emmy and DGA
  • 2005 Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation Grant Winner
  • 2005 World Bank Tender Winner – Cross-Industry Supply Chain and Competitiveness Study and Analysis
  • 2005 USAID/CHF’s Ger Initiative (Global Communities) – Tender Winner – Contracted as Project Manager/Filmmaker of over 16 short films about CHF International’s community initiatives across Mongolia
  • 2002 BIT Milan, Italy International Travel Exhibition – One of Two Official Mongolian Tourism Association/USAID Organizing Representatives (the other official representative was Michelle Morgan, C.O.P. of the USAID funded The Competitiveness Initiative) – 1st time in Mongolian History that “Mongolia” participated in an International Travel Exhibition and marketed itself as a “Country Destination” since opening its doors to the world as a democracy in 1989.
  • 2000-03 United States Agency for International Development (USAID) funded The Competitiveness Initiative – Honored by Mongolia’s Tourism Association for Contributions made towards the Development of Mongolia’s Tourism Industry.
  • 1999 USA Embassy of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia – Review the Mongolian Labor Law and Report
  • 1998-99 SOROS Foundation Mongolia – Annual Report Team and Founded “The First Mongolian Terminology & Semantics Symposium” to introduce my research and to discuss the importance of broadening the semantics of terms, coining new terms and advancing Mongolia’s dictionaries thus to allow greater advancement of intellectual comprehension of foreign/global terms and semantics within the ‘Mongolia’s mother language’, hence, to advance Mongolia’s social economic development without the constraints and limitations of past regime-restrictions; notable attendees are Sh. Bira from the Academy of Sciences, Suh Jargalmaa from UN, Mr. Batereedui from the Mongol Studies Department (NUM), Heads from both the International Studies of the National University of Mongolia and Teachers Institute, Lawyers, and other officials.
  • 1996-97 Mongolian Association for Conservation of Nature and Environment; Snow Leopard and Gobi Bear Initiatives
  • 1996-2000 First American to attended courses at the National University of Mongolia (as a Mongol) – Culture, Language, History, and much more.
  • 1995-96 UN Convention on The Rights of the Child – Mongolian Development Center
  • 1994 Arrived in Mongolia
  • 1992-94 Alaskan Sightseeing and Cruise West
  • 1992 “Close Up Foundation” Washington D.C. Selectee