Original Soundtrack Productions – Sampling, Mixing and Arrangements 

“if music captures the essence of one’s soul… then the rhythm of my OWN music is the key to comprehending my depths when I’m working overseas.”

The Human Legacy Project by Zanjan Fromer
Original Soundtracks and Mixes

For nearly a decade or so overseas, I have been working on-and-off on a personal initiative to collect soundbites and mix them into world-style soundtracks that captures the essence of our “Human Legacy”;  some of my works have been featured in films, clips and spots.


Here are a few samples of my original works:



Awarded Mongolia Location Fixer, Mongolia Production Manager, Mongolia Field Producer for Film/TV Productions, Nomadic Geotourism and more.

Mr. Fromer is the only Mongolia location fixer, Mongolia field producer, Production Manager in Mongolia directly associated with EMMY & DGA Awards WINS! – (Amazing Race Season 10 – Reality TV Show), Ministry Medal of Honor, Certified NATGEO Geotourism Ambassador, etc. “We all have managed the ‘mechanics’ of Reality TV Productions and Films – but what separates ‘the exceptional specialists’ from ‘the ordinary fixers’ is 100% clearly defined by the awards… As of today, I’m the ONLY SPECIALIST associated with both and EMMY and DGA Awards in Mongolia’s history (The Amazing Race – Season 10).”

My ADVANTAGE is that I have 24+ years of firsthand country, culture, language, history, nationwide geographical assets (www.GERtoGER.org), management,  film/tv industry expertise (a couple decades), and more – I’m 100% a contributor towards YOUR success… I’m YOUR EXPERT Mongolia Production Manager/Field Producer – while everyone else will manage your production like a “group tourists with cameras” that need to be fed and transported. And unlike studios that promote themselves as being “fixers” – I’m NATGEO Geotourism Ambassador – I have spent decades out in remote rural locations managing social economic development initiatives for Mongolia’s nomadic populations and rural communities; not in studios – I’m beyond field tested and then some.

I’m an AWARDED international specialist.

“Zanjan Fromer and his team provided top notch creative and logistic support for an episode of “The Amazing Race” for CBS. His creative problem solving and fast thinking helped us get through some very tough situations and in the end added one of the more memorable episodes to an Emmy and DGA award winning season.” – Barry Hennessey (Senior Field Producer for The Amazing Race)


Our AWARD WINNING Travel Company has Nomadic Networks across Mongolia for Talent, Support, Management, and more! GER to GER operates nationally and has community assets across Mongolia; regional managers, local drivers, guides, nomadic gers, nomadic cooks and much more; GER to GER is your one-stop-shop for anything “field production/management” related 24/7, 365 days a year.

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