How to Overcome Development Challenges – Unethical Interest Groups

From one experienced humanitarian to another…

Today, it would seem that interest groups whether they are religious, racist, nationalists, competitors, etc., all seem to well connected and they all assume to know what’s best for everyone without any tangible research and analysis. Beyond financial challenges, I would have to state that one of the biggest hinderances towards sustainable social economic development in developing countries are fanatical interest groups and their unethical networking to undermine humanitarian initiatives.

Anyone involved in humanitarian works and/or social economic development should be aware of different interest groups, their networks, etc., to ensure that you are able to keep the forward focus and steer around potential pitfalls that they setup in hopes of snaring you as their prize to dangle around in-front of others.

Never panic or become paranoid, however, its a good exercise to map them out and initiate your own humanitarian support network both locally and internationally that can counter their unethical efforts.

Lots of Respect!