Project Description

Adventure Studio

Film Production, Support and Mass Media


2003-Present Day

Adventure Studio was founded just after my contracted works with the USAID funded The Competitiveness Initiative that carried out social economic development works for Mongolia’s meet, cashmere and tourism industries. It was also during this transitional time that I was authoring the GER to GER concept based on an accumulative 20+ years of experience that dates back to Alaska. Adventure Studio was Mongolia’s first registered international film and TV logistical company with the sole purpose of serving international film/tv crews while in Mongolia. Adventure Studio has had global recognition from the Film/TV Industry’s top international networks, including but not limited to the following: CBS, NBC, ABC, National Geographic Society, Syfy Channel, ARD1, QuickSilver, and more…

5 Reasons most work with Adventure Studio are:

  • ONE – EXPERIENCE: 20+ years “on the ground” field experience with over 400+ success projects across multiple industries – across Mongolia and abroad.
  • TWO – ETHICS: Zanjan Fromer, owner of Adventure Studio, founded the internationally awarded community-based eco tourism initiative known as that provides alternative incomes to rural nomadic populations and communities (Human Resources) across Mongolia.
  • THREE – KNOWLEDGE/SKILLS:  20+ Years of rural exploration for social economic development (meat, tourism, cashmere, mining, etc.), film, photography, geographic information systems (GIS) for social economic development and more! Another words, “local know how”.
  • FOUR – LEADERSHIP: Able to handle small and large teams of foreigners/locals with exceptional knowledge, experience and skill. 
  • FIVE – SUCCESS: Top international clients include ABC News, CBS, WRP “The Amazing Race”, NBC, CNBC, National Geographic Society, Universal Studio’s Syfy Channel “Destination Truth”, and more.