Project Description

CBS’s The Amazing Race

Season 10 (Mongolia)

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Prior, during and after the June 2005 shooting day that took place from the trans-Mongolian, local taxis, Choiljin Lam Monastery, self-driven jeeps to Terelj National Park, horseback riding to the Detour, choosing to either setup Nomadic Gers or collect water via wild ox carts, to horseback riding back to Russian jeeps, self drive to Gachurt’s Hotel Mongolia to shoot faming arrows over the Great Wall, to running up a mountain side to a Pagoda – it was a feat of a production! Beyond having working with the amazing crew from World Race Productions and Executives from CBS – there overall international crew were just outstanding! I was tasked with managing every little responsibility of from the micro to the macro of the race that involved all aspects of pre-production, production and production wrap ups; though our titles are Country Fixers – I would have to say that like calling wild-fire a match, there is not other show that tests your ability as The Amazing Race! The Amazing Race has won numerous Emmy Awards and DGAs; it was an amazing opportunity to work with Reality TVs Elite crew, producers and human resources!