Project Description

Syfy’s Destination Truth


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Unlike other Reality Shows, this was science fiction – a bit out of the norm for my type of works but a lot of fun. Like normal, plenty of pre-production research, paper works, etc., was carried out prior to the 4am call for wheels up! The long morning paved road drive to Choir was quickly transformed into off the beaten path desert 4×4 action as we headed towards Ih Gazriin Chuluu, our first leg of the trip toward the Southern Gobi Desert. After a lunch BBQ in the middle of the Gobi we continue onwards through tough terrain (sometimes 1KM would last an hour) until we reach Dalangazad within less that 22 hours…. generally that is not a bad record taking into consideration that my Mongolian colleagues vehicles were not up to par and slowing down the whole expedition a bit. Regardless, we successfully managed to get to our locations throughout the Gobi Desert so that the production crew we able to carry out their filming needs… The cast and crew of Destination Truth were just awesome! It was an adventure that I yet to forget and one for the record books for the quickest overland across the Gobi Desert! Respect to Josh and his crew!