Project Description

United States Agency for International Development

The Competitiveness Initiative

Between 2000-03, I was employed by USA Firm that was contracted by USAID to develop Mongolia’s three main traditional industries: meat, tourism and cashmere. I was given the task of developing 100s of  macro and micro-level export marketing promotional materials for all three industries, their associations and associated companies which included everything from mass media to online/offline public relations materials (websites, etc.), stand designs for international business fairs, packaging design, brochures and more. The distribution points of the materials extended from local, online, overseas in numerous countries and via  international travel fairs, etc., i.e., Milan’s BIT2002 International Travel Fair; first time in Mongolia’s history that they had been promoted as a proper destination vs. individual companies. Though this is a brief explanation of a very complex frameworks, tasks and responsibilities concerning the overall job – the position requires numerous skills to be constantly and seamlessly mobilized to adequately maintain the process effectively and efficiently.