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World Bank Multi-Industry Competitiveness Study


World Bank Multi Industry Competitiveness Study Survey, Research, Mapping, Analysis and Reporting - Business Climate Report In June 2005, I was contract by the World Bank to carry out the first intensive multi-industry competitiveness survey, research, mapping, analysis and reporting works that would be used towards World Bank's Business Climate Report. I had contracted a [...]

CBS “The Amazing Race”


CBS's The Amazing Race Season 10 (Mongolia) IMDb Link: Watch Online (USA)  Prior, during and after the June 2005 shooting day that took place from the trans-Mongolian, local taxis, Choiljin Lam Monastery, self-driven jeeps to Terelj National Park, horseback riding to the Detour, choosing to either setup Nomadic Gers or collect water via wild ox carts, [...]

Adventure Studio


Adventure Studio Film Production, Support and Mass Media Website: http://www.Adventure-Studio.com2003-Present Day Adventure Studio was founded just after my contracted works with the USAID funded The Competitiveness Initiative that carried out social economic development works for Mongolia's meet, cashmere and tourism industries. It was also during this transitional time that I was authoring the GER to [...]

GER to GER Agency and Foundation


GER to GER Agency and Foundation Nomad Centered Community Based Cultural Eco Tourism Development Website: http://www.GERtoGER.org2003-Present Day From 2003-05, I had spent several years researching and developing the GER to GER Project Concept to which it was officially funded by the Swiss Agency for International Development on June 5, 2005 and later by the United States [...]