Film/TV Production Manager and Fixer

For over a decade I have had the honor to work with some of the world’s most renowned documentary film, tv, news and reality crews. Typically beyond paperwork definitions – my scope of works always exceeded baseline definitions; yes going above and beyond what is required is the job title. Simply, all productions under my management have been 100/100 – all shoot requirements for post production, health and safety, food, accommodations, transportations, locations, casting, financials, etc.

Regardless of the nuances of managing productions in developing countries (experienced managers know the challenges), I have never had any unsuccessful productions – successful detours sure, but any experience production manager knows that’s what builds your skills and abilities to handle tougher and tougher productions.

Testimonial: Barry Hennessey
Executive Producer / Showrunner

Zanjan and his team provided top notch creative and logistic support for an episode of “The Amazing Race” for CBS. His creative problem solving and fast thinking helped us get through some very tough situations and in the end added one of the more memorable episodes to an Emmy and DGA award winning season.