Mr. Zanjan Fromer or 

”   Shaanshook’   “

is OFFICIALLY National Geographic Society Washington D.C. HQ Certified 
Geotourism Ambassador since 2010
Founder of MongoliaAlaskan Routes , Responsible.Tours – Global Networks and
The Alaskan/ The International Field Specialist/ Ministerial Gold Star of Leadership


Zanjan Fromer’s Tlingit Alaskan name ”   Shaanshook’   ” was given to him by the Tlingit Tribal Elders exactly at the time of his birth after his great grandfather who was the Tribe’s Chief  Shaanshook’ or “The First Origin” (Oldest Elder Chief).

In the Spirit of Shaanshook’ I have been rebuilding, strengthening, advancing overseas countries via transitional social economic development/stabilization works for over 24+ years. From the early days, I was part of the First United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Transitional/ Country Stabilization Teams in Mongolia, and much more!

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Awarded Mongolia Location Fixer, Mongolia Production Manager, Mongolia Field Producer for Film/TV Productions, Nomadic Geotourism and more.

Mr. Fromer is the only Mongolia location fixer, Mongolia field producer, Production Manager in Mongolia directly associated with EMMY & DGA Awards WINS! – (Amazing Race Season 10 – Reality TV Show), Ministry Medal of Honor, Certified NATGEO Geotourism Ambassador, etc. “We all have managed the ‘mechanics’ of Reality TV Productions and Films – but what separates ‘the exceptional specialists’ from ‘the ordinary fixers’ is 100% clearly defined by the awards… As of today, I’m the ONLY SPECIALIST associated with both and EMMY and DGA Awards in Mongolia’s history (The Amazing Race – Season 10).”

My ADVANTAGE is that I have 24+ years of firsthand country, culture, language, history, nationwide geographical assets (, management,  film/tv industry expertise (a couple decades), and more – I’m 100% a contributor towards YOUR success… I’m YOUR EXPERT Mongolia Production Manager/Field Producer – while everyone else will manage your production like a “group tourists with cameras” that need to be fed and transported. And un