Research and Launch Global Online Strategies

Every marketer has their strategies that is a combination of methodologies that assist us to crunch data so that we can interpret global situations, social demographic trends, etc., to become more analytical in our digital media and marketing approaches; simply, our “know-how”. The key to a successful approach can always be logged via external analytical websites that highlights our ability to successfully take abstract numbers and turn them into global visibility, increased brand-awareness, etc.

For over a decade, 100s of successful projects, it has been my contracted works with both international donor agencies and private sector companies to employ my methodologies and global marketing strategies to develop and advance their online/offline approaches and materials.

Best Case Study – GER to GER: taking remotely located nomadic families (deserts, mountain valleys, steppes, etc.) in a country called Mongolia (sandwiched between China and Russia) and making them into international stars of global community based tourism; online, offline, travel exhibitions, publications, films, reality shows, etc., and turning their successes into online strategic content to increase their global market visibility.