Small Medium Enterprise Development (SME)

20+ Years of Applied Professional Experience Domestically and Internationally; officially recognized by the United Nation’s Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP), National Geographic Society, United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), and many more…

For the duration of my works overseas I have been engaged in working with Small Medium Enterprises Development or commonly referred as SME Development. Most of my works have been engaged in developing their business from the grass-roots all the way up the supply chain to the international level where I have worked for numerous industries via donor organizations in the strengthening the value of products and services as well as promoting of Industry Associations (comprised of 100s of companies) and individual companies to the global market. My professional experience covers the following industries: meat, tourism, accommodations, cashmere, film and media, responsible mining, supply chains, etc. Today, via my accumulated micro and macro experience (domestics and international) in combination with my expertise in film, media, mass and social media, web development, print and non-print marketing materials development, branding, international fairs, etc., I can either lead teams and/or confidently support large initiatives.

SME Development goes beyond just training human resources (though it has an important role to play) it is the systematic process by which we develop a framework, an implementation process, tangible and non-tangible outputs, marketing and public relations materials and campaigns, etc., along a timeline that guarantees the successful advancement of the enterprise, association and industry; which in-turns trains the population as well as increases the overall value of the enterprise, association, industry, country and/or countries.

As of today, via the USAID funded Competitiveness Initiative, USAID funded CHF’s Ger Initiative and other donor supported initiatives I have assisted their corresponding associations and their hundreds of private sector company members in the advancement of Small Medium Enterprise Development.