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GER to GER Mongolia Victim of Scammers’ Dishonest Reviews | Evidence Released

To Ensure Overseas Health/Safety of Locals and International Travelers National Geographic Society’s Geotourism Ambassador (Mr. Zanjan Fromer) went deep to investigate/track/map/combat travel scams (online/offline), disruptors (online/offline), unethical special interest groups (online/offline), bullies (online/offline), stalkers (online/offline), extremists (online/offline), etc., that plague major travel/social media platforms which harms good people, businesses and even countries (fraud, defraud, insurance/cancellation [...]

GER to GER Reviews – Trip Advisor Gets Fined and Lonely Planet

GER to GER Reviews on Trip Advisor and Lonely Planet Yes, Trip Advisor and Lonely Planet's Thorn Tree Should be Fined owing to No Due Diligence and No Due Process, and its Role in Supporting Unethical Victimization of Businesses Online via Their Company Sites; Become Responsible, Fix it! Without supportive documentation and proper evidence [...]

Travel Review on GER to GER Mongolia – 2014 Travel Season

Travel Review on GER to GER Mongolia 2014 Season GER to GER Review Methodology As many are becoming aware, I like to put information into perspective in order to give context, timelines and situational environments towards fair market practices. When reviewing GER to GER’s performance in 2014 there are certain constant variables that must [...]