Mr. Zanjan Fromer 🇺🇸 (Shaanshook')
Petersburg, Alaska
Mitkof Island (Petersburg)
Federally Recognized USA Tribe
Ministerial Gold Star of Leadership - Mongolia's 2nd Highest Medal of Honor; next is Presidential.
EMMY/DGA Winning Season
Zanjan Fromer - Location Scout, Location Fixer, Producer, Filmmaker, Social Entrepreneur, Technical Development Advisor, Geotourism R&D, Special Projects and World Traveler.

Born an Alaskan Islander:
“Extreme Rural America” 

I was born as an Alaskan Islander (Petersburg, Alaska; 16 km wide and 28 km long) or what many would consider to be Extreme Rural America (not from Iran nor am I muslim); home to the famed “Devils Thumb” or “Taalkhunaxhkʼu Shaa” in Tlingit – Devils Thumb is a very challenging climb even for advanced Climbers. And yes, I’m a half-breed Alaskan Native Tlingit (Native American) mixed with Hawaiian, European and Asian heritages. Though my Native Alaskan Tlingit tribe is Wooshkeetaan and my birth-name is Shaanshook’ – I’m named after a historic “De Opresso Liber” event.

Professionally, I’m an international strategic development specialist (Alaskan born) with a strong field focus on “rural/urban-to-international (vice versa) competitiveness development & mass media communications”. I have a broad diversity of skill sets (100s of deliverables) including but not limited to: analysis/strategy development, film/tv productions, international mass media marketing, print/digital publishing, web design/development, SEO/SEM, social economic development/rapid expeditionary R&D [GISing & assessing supply/value chains, etc.], community/ responsible tourism development, photography, videography/editing, audio/soundtrack development, etc. From 1994 onwards, I have worked on numerous overseas USAID, World Bank, mass media/tv productions, tourism and other Initiatives to advance Mongolia and its public-private sectors/industries after it separated from the Russian Federation in 1989. As a strategic partner to the USA, the mission was/is to advance Mongolia’s main industries thereby strengthening their cross-industry supply/value chains (food/drink, accommodations, fuel/oil, land/air transportation, etc.) to reach Global Competitiveness. For most of my life, I have lived/worked in isolated locations (within the USA/abroad) that are challenged, supply chain-wise, which have required innovative solutions than what are required with most of the USA, EU, UK, Central Asia, Asia, etc. It’s via my life experiences/skill sets that I have succeeded in advancing the strategic market competitiveness of remotely located nomadic families across Mongolia into the international marketing arenas – famed business expos, film productions, tourism initiatives, social economic development initiatives, etc. For a couple of decades, I’ve personally analyze, strategize, navigate, GIS, design, develop, produce, implement, manage, etc., every level countless times; from the incredible roughness of the field (four seasons) to the professionalism of business events – it allows me to seamlessly macro/micro manage small to large initiatives.

For the past 26+ years abroad, the honing of my broad diversity of multi-sector/multi-industry skill sets has led to countless beneficial results for the country and its peoples; personally, as a result of my endeavors, I received a long-list of international achievements/recognitions spanning two decades (associated with Emmy & DGA wins, Ministry level Medal of Honor, etc.), the greatest achievement that I personally pride myself on is that I have successfully designed & established a nationwide community-based tourism organization that actively fosters the United Nations MDGs/SDGs within its operations across Mongolia with the nomadic communities. Today, it has become an industry powerhouse that even challenges 100 million dollar travel platforms (offline as well as online as the activities/site that’s been designed for them outperforms even major industry competitors’ SEO/SEM, etc.; TripAdvisor, etc.). Most of my international works are well documented with almost two decades of international recognitions that have all featured my works; ranging from, a variety of National Geographic Society publications to numerous international guide books to well-known online magazines e.g. New York Magazine, USA TODAY as well as The Amazing Race USA and Australia, and more… even the United Nations ESCAP has written up GER to GER in a highlighted section within their international report as ‘a recommended case study’ for governments to refer to.


My aim is to fully support rural/urban/international related multi-sector social economic development and/or business endeavors via a broad diversity of multi-industry skill-sets and 26+ years of Rural/Urban-to-International (and vice versa) Multi-Industry/Multi-Sector applied expertise, experiences, etc.

  • 20+ Years – Founder/Chief Marketing Officer: competitiveness; mass media marketing (web development, social medias, newspapers/magazines, brochures, billboards, TV broadcasts, radio programs, podcasts, email marketing, etc.); TV/film; tourism R&D; SME; social entrepreneurship; special projects; internationally famed business expos (ITB Berlin, WTM London, FESPO Switzerland, COTTM Beijing,  etc.), etc.
  • 26+ Years – Strategic Multi-Sector Social Economic/Transitional Development (Rapid Expeditionary Development Field Specialist e.g., USAID Initiatives, etc.): Multi-Industry Development/Outreach; community based tourism-to-international destination development, SME-spinoff development, humanitarian initiatives, MEL (monitor, evaluate, learn), TAA (train advise, assist), etc.


Quick short list of Rural/Urban-to-International (vice versa) equivalent-experiences and skill sets (multi-sector/multi-industry) that were/are continuously “mixed and used” for USAID, World Bank,, The Amazing Race, and many other initiatives:

  • Up to 35+ years of tourism experience: travel, work, etc., and/or industry associated supply/value chain R&D
  • 26+ years of international experience: travel, living, learning, working, consulting, volunteering (humanitarian)
  • 20+ years of strategic competitiveness: analysis/strategies, offline/online, rural/urban-to-international, etc.
  • 20+ years of TAA (train, advise, assist): 100s of trainings via GER to GER, USAID funded Initiatives, etc.
  • 20+ years of market intelligence: research/analyze, design competitiveness strategies, strategic development, etc.
  • 20+ years of MEL (monitor, evaluate, learn): rural/global GER to GER works, mass media, marketing, etc.
  • 20+ years of branding: assess, learn, strategize, target, design, develop, launch, manage, MEL and strengthen
  • 20+ years of initiatives: mass media, social economic development, film/tv, community/responsible tourism, etc.
  • Up to 20+ years of web, email, etc., marketing works: content development, SEO/SEM, social media, etc.
  • 20+ years of international project management: mass media, marketing, development, film/tv, tourism/GIS, etc.
  • 20+ years of videography/photography: filmmaker, production manager, producer, country fixer, editor, etc.
  • 20+ years experience with most Adobe Creative Cloud softwares, etc: 100s of print/digital deliverables produced
  • 15+ years of international film and TV related production management: reality shows, short documentaries, etc.
  • 15+ years of VSO-like initiatives (village stabilization ops): GER to GER Rural Development, film/TV, etc.
  • 15+ years of works being internationally published via numerous famed guidebooks, organizations, news, etc.
  • Since 2002 internationally famed expos related works and initiatives: ITB, WTM, COTTM, FESPO, SITM, etc.



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