Travel Review on GER to GER Mongolia 2014 Season

GER to GER Review Methodology

As many are becoming aware, I like to put information into perspective in order to give context, timelines and situational environments towards fair market practices. When reviewing GER to GER’s performance in 2014 there are certain constant variables that must remain constant year after year in order to provide a more realistic grading curve, for example here are just a few categories:

  • Number of GER to GER Travelers – Total
    • Number of GER to GER Independent Travelers – Total
    • Number of GER to GER Packaged Travelers – Total
  • Number of Health and Safety Related Issues – Total
    • Number of internal health related issues – Total
    • Number of food related issues – Total
    • Number of physical injuries – Total
  • Number of Cultural Issues – Total
    • Number of cross cultural issues – Total
    • Number of cross cultural communication issues (fights, arguments, etc.) – Total
    • Number of cultural shocks – Total
  • Number of Service Related Issues – Total
    • Number of driver related issues – Total
    • Number of guide/interpreter related issues – Total
    • Number of nomadic family related issues – Total

GER to GER Review Analysis

Our internal method of evaluating and reviewing GER to GER is methodical and the list is actually extensive. When contemplating the data, it actually very remarkable and highlights the success of Mongolia’s nomadic families. For example, when apply last years data to the aforementioned sample list, this is what the analysis paragraph is:

“In 2014, GER to GER trained an average of 400+/- international travelers on Responsible Travel, health and safety, Mongolian culture, destination information and language that led to a 99%+ scorecard rating in health and safety, cross cultural comprehension, and general satisfaction of nomadic family related services. Though at certain specific families there were minor complications concerning itinerary related activities those isolated issues didn’t reflect across the country where other nomadic families were providing satisfactory services.”

GER to GER Review Comparative Analysis

Now take that data analysis statement and apply it to a context that most of GER to GER nomadic families:

  • highest level of education is secondary,
  • this is the first time in their lives that they are operating their own business in an open market economy; as it is a country in transition from a communist era,
  • the amount of training they have received is a total of a few months of education compared to western and europeans that operate in the tourism industry with a minimum of an undergraduate degree,
  • and much, much more…

GER to GER Review Conclusion

So what would be my fair and balanced review of GER to GER Mongolia’s nomadic families in their efforts this 2014 to generate alternative incomes via the greater tourism industry?

Put the data into context, categories, timeframe and situational environments and let the data speak for itself.


GER to GER Nomadic Families’ 2014 Review

99%+ Scorecard – GREAT JOB!