TripAdvisor & Google Crossing the Ethic’s Line…

After years of trying to communicate and share information (while they ignore and continue with their smear campaigns), I have come to a hard and cold realization that there are those who will operate unethically regardless of how ethical one assists others, works, speaks, etc. It’s no hidden secret that I have been in a long head-to-head tech battle with both TripAdvisor and Google for promoting extortionist-scammers’ smear campaigns and owing to such – I have finally released nearly a decade long investigation into both TripAdvisor and Google… This was no easy task as it took years of monitoring and engaging certain situations to record a vast variety of situations that highlighted antitrust patterns that can only be obtained via years of close observations.

Since this last mid-August 2020, I have consolidated my finding into a very informative webpage with the aim to knowledge share in the hopes of protecting other good businesses and their peoples from the same unlawful harm that they inflicted towards me.

My investigational research is like an ‘open source code’ for anyone else struggling to comprehend what’s happening to them so that they may learn how to monitor, map and counter their nefarious targeting and pubic victimizations.

I only hope that I can help others not to suffer the same abuse that I have suffered for years.