Web Design; Balance Beyond Design

Today it’s just not enough to have a website but now we have to be minimalistic yet informative and entertaining, linked to all social-media venues, easy to update,  without boring users with heavy texts while still ranking high on Google and other search engines which are saturated with countless competitors. Online user trends have become “picky-eaters”; they don’t want the whole meal just straight to the good stuff or desert.

For over 2 decades I have been designing websites for countless business clients, associations, humanitarian initiatives, etc., across numerous industries – even destination brand portals.

I successfully manage to combine the required elements and strategically take top ranking year after year in all major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.).

I am familiar in designing from scratch, wordpress, joomla, etc., though recently I am enjoying wordpress as it streamlines repetitive tasks and allows more precious time to be allocated to other project works. Beyond having a good website having a good firewall is exceptionally important today – consider it as “insurance”; nothing worse than losing a great website owing to a simple exploitation

So yes, today when constructing a good and function website their are countless of considerations beyond “design”… Once you have developed a good balance, then it pays off in the long-run.