Zanjan Fromer - Strategic Field Specialist: Location Scout, Location Fixer, Producer, Filmmaker, Social Entrepreneur, Technical Development Advisor and World TravelerPERSPECTIVE EXPLORATIONS


Decades of Around the World Travels & Multi-Sector Strategies; Visual Testimonies

Zanjan Fromer, CMO/SFS – Location Scout, Location Fixer, Production Manager, Producer, Filmmaker, Social Entrepreneur, Technical Development Advisor, Community Based Tourism Specialist, Geotourism R&D, Special Projects and World Traveler… as well as a few other stuff… but I’m sure we all get the point. This ‘Visual History’ gallery will be continuously updated (almost daily) with new photos regularly… literally from 1000s I have a bit to share ;)

Indeed, I’m a good resource to have on a team… NEVER leave it to chance… from operating cameras/videography, drones, audio, strategic planning and Geographic Information Systems (GIS-ing), editing/post-production and so much more… I have your “6” covered in just about every scenario thinkable – even risk management/mitigation and safety.  I literally come with tech, software and 26+ years of international field experience as a Strategic Field Specialist; visit ALASKAN ISLANDER: ORIGIN/SKILLS and STRATEGIC COMPETITIVENESS: MASS MEDIA/MARKETING for detailed lists of skill-sets.

I hope my “Visual History” clearly shows that regardless of the countries, urban/extreme rural settings, geographical terrains, seasons, cultures, etc., I am always READY TO GO… From Southeast Asia’s Metropolitans to Northeast Asia’s deep deserts/vast inhabited lands, across continental Central Asia to Europe/the United States/Canada – I’m the guy that you send with a team to make sure that the job gets done; I’m beloved by doers/hated by both con-artists and lazy-arses – it’s just an UNDENIABLE fact.

Zanjan Fromer - Rapid Expeditionary Development