Zanjan Fromer Awarded Country’s 2nd Highest “Medal of Honor for Leadership” by Ministry

On September 2015, Mr. Zanjan Fromer was Awarded Mongolia’s 2nd Highest Medal of Honor, “The Ministerial Gold Star for Leadership”

The Ministry of Environment, Green Development and Tourism of Mongolia

I was just awarded on September 29, 2015 as the First American in Mongolian history to receive the “Medal of Honor for Leadership” from the Ministry of Environment, Green Development and Tourism – Minister N. Battsereg; in dedication to my career and contributions made as humanitarian in tourism throughout Mongolia. My deepest respect and gratitude to the Ministry, GER to GER staff, all the nomadic families across Mongolia, international travelers around the world and everyone else (past projects, donors, etc., the ‘thank you list’ is long – simply, “Thank You” to all those who’ve lifted me up in life and believed in my initiatives; this indeed is an accumulative honor)!!!

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