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Approach – Skills, Experiences and Expertise

Mr. Fromer’s professional education derives from working with the ‘Best in the Field – Out in the Field’ for over 20 years…

Definition of the “Z-Factor”: An attempt to quantify the suitability of a particular assay for use in a full-scale… It’s what I do – envisioning beyond the box “to make concepts real” via application of non-linear approaches via multi-industry experiences/expertise to design, implement, manage, strengthen and expand potential action oriented solutions for complex conditions. As of today, well over 500+ small scale local projects to international projects have been successfully researched, planned, implemented, managed and expanded:

  • Research/ Strategic Planning, Budgeting, Scheduling, etc.
  • Business Intelligence/ Online and Offline Analytics, Action Planning, Launch, Management, M&E, etc.
  • Global Business Linkage Development/ Networking, Management, Contracting, Social Media Campaigns, etc. 
  • Tourism/ Destination Development – Supply Chain Mapping, GIS Assessments: cultural/historical nuances, natural resources, geographical considerations – activity development, transportation, health/safety, supplies,  etc. (very long list) 
  • Film & TV Productions/ Filmmaker, Producer, Line Producer, Manager, Fixer 
  • Expeditions/ Location Scouting, GIS-ing and more 
  • Digital Media & Design (online & print)/ Global Marketing 
  • Website Development/ Content Management 
  • Risk Assessments/ Management, Health, Safety, etc. 
  • Humanitarian Initiatives 
  • Social Economic Development/ PR and Marketing, Capacity Advancement, etc. 
  • Etc.

Evolution of the Approach

To become one of the best you must continuously train in variety of environs, situation & conditions with the best…

The list is actually quite long owing to the overseas situation in remote locations where experienced long-term foreign human resources were often rare. This created an isolated environment where we must learn ‘on the fly’ (22+ years) and masterfully apply it immediately (international works); imagine being trained by the best professors (as they still actively work in overseas environments) while you are out in the field – you continuously learn, apply and strengthen your skills all at the same time as an apprentice. Now imagine undergoing such intensive multi-industry/capacity development training overseas (in the field; deserts, steppes, pasture lands, mountains, river valleys, metropolitan cities, etc.) and for decades you continuously employ your honed abilities (countless times) towards international development of these developing/transitional countries and their industries – meat, tourism, cashmere, etc., it’s no easy task. It’s a common practice to seek the best schools under the best professors to educate oneself, taking that into account, the best classrooms for such international works is ‘out in the field’ where some of the world’s best international social economic development and humanitarian professionals are engaged in their initiatives – where I have spent 20+ years.



Professional Multi-Industry Skills

  • Tourism Related (dating back 23 years):

    • Location research, GIS, assessments, design, development, grant writing, launch, management, monitor/evaluations, strengthening, expansion, reporting (15 years)
    • Budgeting, financial management, reporting, subcontracting, etc. (15+ years)
    • Community based tourism development (10+ years)
    • Domestic and international logistics (15+ years)
    • Expedition travel and itinerary/product development (15+ years)
    • Rural, regional, nationwide human resource training and management (10+ years)
    • Cultural liaison and training of international clients; 1000s of clients (10+ years)
    • Expedition driver, expedition leader, cook, management, health, safety (10+ years)
    • Marine related tourism, cooking, deckhand, marine travel & safety (3 years)
    • International travel fairs and exhibitions (5+ years)
    • Travel photography (17 years); Travel videography (15 years)

    Social Economic Development/NGO Related (dating back 20 years):

    • Project research, surveying, design, development, grant writing, funding, launch, management, monitor/evaluations, data analysis, strengthening, expansion, reporting, publications (17 years)
        • Business analysis and multi-industry export marketing development (15 years)
    • Budgeting, financial management, reporting, subcontracting, etc. (15+ years)
    • Supply/value chain research, mapping and management (10 years)
    • GIS – surveying, assessments, databasing, reporting, management (17 years)

    Domestic/International Sales & Marketing – Online, Travel Fairs, etc. and Materials (dating back 17 years):

    • Film, media, social media, website etc., content development, management
    • All aspects of budgeting, financial management, reporting, subcontracting, etc. (15+ years)
    • Business/product analysis, development, branding, communications, networking, management, expos (15+ years)
    • Social networking (10 years)
    • Web design and digital media and marketing (17 years)
    • Marketing research & analysis (17 years)
    • Graphic design & editing – print and digital materials (17 years)

    Domestic/International Film, TV and Travel Productions (dating back 15 years):

    • Conventional film and digital photography (15+ years)
    • Fixer support for pre-production, production, post production; example: Location scouts, location lock-downs, casting, contracting, paperworks, etc. (15+ years)
    • Budgeting, financial management, reporting, subcontracting, etc. (15+ years)
    • Filmmaking, video editing, video production and stock footage (B-Roll) (15 years)
    • Soundtrack mixing productions for audio/video (15+ years)

    Software Knowledge (dating back 20 years):

    • AdobeCC: PremierePro, AfterEffect, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign
    • Adobe Dreamweaver, WordPress, Joomla, Remote Host Management
    • Apple’s Final Cut Pro, Motion, etc.
    • Sony Media’s ACID Pro, Sound Forge, Vegas, etc.
    • Scrivener
    • SEO/SEM Tools
    • GIS Tools: Gaia GPS, MotionX, Moveslink, GPS log
    • All major social media tools; MarsEdit, BuzzBundle, TweetDeck, HootSuite
    • OmniFocus, OmniPlan
    • Mind Mappers – iThought
    • Microsoft Word, Excel, Office, Project, etc.
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GER to GER EcoTravel Agency and Foundation – Website

June 2005 – Present (10+ years) • Nationwide
GER to GER was designed as one world’s first social economic enterprises that would sustain itself in the tourism industry to maintain it humanitarian initiative of creating sustainable livelihoods for Mongolia’s remotely located nomadic families and rural communities via social economic value/supply chain mobilization. Today locals mainly operate and managed GER to GER across 11,000 square kilometers of Mongolia via deserts, open steppes, river valleys, mountain passes and more. Owing to it unique approach and countless successes, it has received numerous international recognitions from famed international institutions i.e. National Geographic Society, Ashoka Changemakers, UNESCAP, Lonely Planet, Rough Guides, etc. GER to GER has both created and diversified rural job markets, returned millions of USD to Mongolia’ economy, and much, much more. Please visit additional details.
Skills: Destination Planning, Development and Management, Rural, Regional and Nationwide Human Resource Training and Management, Constant Training of Internationals Pre-Departure, Domestic and International Logistics, Domestic and International Marketing (Online, Travel Fairs, etc.) and Materials, Film, Media, Social Media, Website etc., Content Development and Management, Business Analysis, Development, Networking and Management , Product Development and Branding, Geographical Information Systems, Surveying, Risk Assessments, Databasing, Reporting and Management , And much, much more…

Owner – Today – Website

September 2003 – Present (12+ years) • Nationwide/International
Adventure Studio was established post working for USAID The Competitiveness Initiative as a means to continue assisting Mongolia’s meat, tourism and cashmere industries to further strengthen their export marketing efforts. Adventure Studio quickly became famed owing to past domestic and international works, 100s of projects (film, tv, digital media, marketing, etc.), and became the cornerstone in Mongolia that international film and tv crews would contract to carry-out their nationwide productions (fixer, production manager, line producer, associate producer, etc.). Overtime, international famed production companies and organizations i.e. National Geographic Society, CBS’s The Amazing Race, Syfy’s Destination Truth, etc., have all contracted Adventure Studio for production management related works. Please visit for additional details.
Skills: Domestic and International Film Production Support – Pre-Production, Production and Post Production, Film Production, Editing and Stock Footage (B-Roll), Soundtrack Production, Digital Media Marketing Materials, Website Design, Graphic Design – Print and Electronic, Location scouts, location lock-downs, casting, contracting, paperworks, etc., And much, much more…

Country Production Fixer

NBC UNIVERSAL STUDIO’S Syfy Channel – “Destination Truth” – Website

2007 • Ulaanbaatar to Gobi Desert Region
Adventure Studio was contracted to assist with pre-production, production and post production logistics, transportation, human resources, etc., services.
Skills: All aspects of Pre-Production, Production and Post Production Logistics and Services, Geographic Information Systems – Expedition Planning and Management, Outback Magician – Expedition Driver, Expedition Leader, Cook, etc.


National Geographic Society Washington D.C. Museum – Website

2006 • Mongolia – Washington D.C.
Contracted by National Geographic’s Museum to produce the Museum’s Centerpiece Film: “Rebirth of Mongolia’s Traditions”
Skills: Conventional Film and Digital Photography, Video Editing, Audio-/Video (Original Soundtrack Mixing)

Country Production Fixer

CBS’s Emmy and DGA Awarded Reality Show “The Amazing Race” (WRP) – Website

2006 • Mongolia (Though Assisted with Inter-Country Entry and Departure with Associated Country Fixers)
Adventure Studio was contracted to assist with pre-production, production and post production logistics, transportation, human resources, etc., services and a whole lot more… a lot of preparation went into this globally famed production as being a reality show, they only get one chance to shoot. This season of The Amazing Race won both Emmys and a DGA Awards.
Skills: Country Production Fixer, All aspects of Pre-Production, Production and Post Production Logistics and Services, Geographic Information Systems – Expedition Planning and Management, Outback Magician – Expedition Driver, Expedition Leader, etc., Subcontract – Support Companies, and a whole lot more…

Senior Project Manager

World Bank Mongolia and World Bank D.C. – Website

2005 • Mongolia
Contracted by the World Bank to lead a team of multi-industry specialists to design and carryout a multi-industry survey, data-crunch and produce an overall multi-industry social economic value/supply chain map and analysis report for World Bank’s Multi-Industry Competitiveness Business Climate Report
Skills: Project/team leadership, Project Management, Surveying and Data-crunching, Report writing

Project Manager – Filmmaker

USAID/CHF’s Ger Initiative – Website

2004 • Mongolia
Contracted as Project Manager/Filmmaker of over 16 short films about CHF International’s community initiatives across Mongolia.
Skills: Filmmaker, All aspects of Pre-Production, Production and Post Production Logistics and Services, Geographic Information Systems – Expedition Planning and Management, All Aspects of Budgeting, Financial Management and Reporting, Outback Magician – Expedition Driver, Expedition Leader, etc., and a whole lot more…

Mass-Media/Digital Media Specialist, Filmmaker, etc.

United States Agency for International Development – The Competitiveness Initiative – Website

September 2000 – September 2003 (2 years 12 months) • Mongolia – International (Globally)
Mass-media specialist, filmmaker, on/offline multi-industry destination marketing for Mongolia’s meat, tourism and cashmere sectors – 100s of project deliverables, and more.
Skills: Multi-Industry Export Marketing Development, Conventional Film and Digital Photography, Global Marketing (Online, Travel Fairs, etc.) and Materials, Film, Media, Website etc., Product Development and Branding, Geographical Information Systems, Surveying, Risk Assessments, Databasing, Reporting and Management, And much, much more…

Translation Checker – Mongolian Labor Law

USA Embassy

1999 • Mongolia
Short Assignment – Only listed as I was one of the first Americans to read, write and able to comprehend what and how content was being written in the Mongolian Language. Note: my memory on the dates is a bit fuzzy… it was over a decade ago.
Skills: Mongolian Language

Geographic Information Systems Developer

USAID/Mercy Corps International – Mongolia Gobi Initiative – Website

1998/1999 • Mongolia
Contracted by Mercy Corps International to convert existing data-sets into nationwide digital/interactive database maps. Geographic Information Systems allowed me to produce thematic maps according to filters in 3D, etc., of Mongolia’s underground water flows, watersheds, etc., to assist projects focused on supporting Mongolia’s nomadic families.
Skills: GIS, Data-Manipulation (a variety of Assessments i.e. Risk Assessments, etc.) and Reporting, and more…

Annual Report Team

Soros Foundation

1997 • Mongolia
Part of the Annual Report Team
Skills: Research and data analysis, Report writing, Reporting Research Results, Primary publication data analysis

Expedition Support for Snow Leopard and Gobi Bear Research and Conservation Project

Mongolian Association for Conservation of Nature and Environment

1996 • Southwestern Gobi Desert
Expedition Support for American/Mongolian Biologists
Skills: Expedition Management, Mongolian Language, Cultural Liaison

Translation Editor

Mongolian Alternatives Center NGO

1995 • Mongolia
UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
Skills: Mongolian Language

Shore Assistance, Deckhand, Prep-Chef, Etc.

Alaska Sightseeing Cruise West

May 1992 – November 1994 (2 years 6 months) • Southeast Alaska and Columbia River
General marine/land related seasonal tourism on and off ship both in Alaska and along the Columbia River. Professional starting point where I had learned numerous professional skills via the ship’s chef, customer service crew, deckhands, 1st officer and captain: cooking, marine navigation, ship maintenance, customer service, etc.
Skills: Marine Tourism Related, Cooking, Deckhand, Marine Travel & Safety, etc.