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What is the Purpose of the Give2Asia and GER to GER Development Funds

Over the past 20+ Years, Mr. Zanjan Fromer has been working with some of the most remote nomadic populations throughout Mongolia’s Gobi Desert and Mountainous regions including their nearby communities and villages via Nomad Centered Community Based Geotourism Development; today, the works have spanned well over 7,000+ miles (11,000KMs) of Mongolia’s territory, equivalent to 10 States of the USA. Though most of the local works concerning the basic business are covered by the GER to GER Agency, much of our humanitarian and social economic works require the in-kind support of people such as you; with your support we are able to quickly expand our initiatives reaching more locals effectively.
It the approach to teach the locals how to responsibly fish so that they, their families, relatives and friends may sustainable eat for generations.

Today my colleagues and I have used our personal funds to support our humanitarian works throughout Mongolia; this is how much we believe in the works that we are accomplishing.

The areas that we concentrate the most are in the following fields both in Mongolia and abroad (but not limited too the following):
1) Community Based Cultural Ecotourism Development: human resources, assets, etc.
2) Geographic Information Systems IT Development for SME Advancement
3) Public Relations and Marketing Material Development
4) Business Linkage Development
5) Job market and public/private sector diversification and growth
5) and more…

Some Other Beneficial Spin-Off Results

This is an opportunity to cooperate in the expansion of this initiative that strengthens cross-continental relations between the peoples of the world not merely between the politicians; tested and tried for the past 10 years and the results are outstanding!

1) 6,000+ Internationals have been trained on local Mongolia, the culture, health and safety, and language
2) Out of 6,000+ Internationals there has not been one act of violence between locals and internationals anywhere throughout Mongolia
3) Locals safeguard their business opportunities and provide added health and security of internationals
4) And more…

Present and Future Aims

Beyond international development throughout central-eurasia continent, Zanjan Fromer is planning to take the lessons learned, initiatives, etc., and to develop future projects that will encompass both Alaskan and American Natives into a cross continental social economic development initiative.

Donation Sizes?

As the fund is a 501 c 3, it is tax deductible for American Citizens, donation sizes can range any amount and can be given more than just once – their is no real limitation.

When is the Best Time to Donate?

Today, tomorrow, any time… Its really up to you when you are able and willing to make a contribution – though I can honestly state that funds are greatly required if we are to systematically approach the work we have to achieve in the near future.

Support our Social Economic Development Initiatives Today

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USA-501c3 (Tax Deductible)

Give2Asia is a wonderful organization that we are delighted to have as our partner, learn more about: Give2Asia
Learn more about GER to GER Foundation: www.GERtoGER.org