Mass and Social Media Specialist

Global research and analysis of client and general market trends including social demographics at global, regional, continental, country, city and rural levels (SWOT, Vin, and other intellectual mapping of social economic value chains). Data analysis is used to design and develop on and offline marketing campaign materials for products and services (leaflets, brochures, stands, and packaging) for variety of usages in different countries, cities, and trade fairs to advance their image, increase partnerships, advance market goals, strategic expansion, increase market benefits, social media distribution and influence.

Social Media Experience

Social media is an amazing tool once properly employed by individuals, profit and non-profit organizations, companies of all sizes and activities, etc., it becomes a means to communicate your culture, activities,  and more to readers and also allow them to actively engage and benefit from tweets, posts, and more. I have been engaged in overseas works for 20+ years and I have personally used it from everything covering mundane aspects of life to marketing events etc., to advocating human rights and protecting people such as myself from aggressive human rights abusers. When one streamlines the flow of all social medias, the potential impact could reach millions of internet users around the world in a few seconds or less – no longer is a single individual, organization and/or company required to follow the traditional methods. In addition to this, beyond the amazing cost savings of traditional print, storage, distribution, etc., the constant flexibility of social media guarantees that your campaigning efforts can always be modified according to your social demographic data – human beings’ interests are not set in stone and your marketing efforts should be flexible enough to match their interests to maximize on all the possibilities.

Mass Media Experience

Its one thing to setup some accounts and its a completely different matter to streamline flows and providing constant content that maintains the vast diversity of interests of your readers around the world – depending on the social demographics of your readers even within a given county their interest could change dramatically based on gender, age and educational backgrounds. Its my job to understand the flows of vast amounts of statistical data and business analytics to develop a proper approach, strategy and methodology to sustain constant B2B and B2C engagement and turn those into market viable and beneficial activities instead of posting and tweeting the infamous “food shots” that thousands send out just to maintain their Klout statuses.

Social Media Case Study – The Power of One in Networking: Today, social media has the potential to positively influence and mobilize millions around the world into action. Its evolving beyond just a tool for friends, family and chatty marketers, its become a method for everyone to have a voice by which can be listened too and passed on around the world in seconds/minutes. Everything from global law enforcement to human rights activists have the tools and means to network and positively engage communities – health, safety, etc. Though essentially for marketing, sharing “food porn”, what my animal can do, statuses, etc., – social media has the power to foster amazing change that was considered impossible a decade ago.