SEO and Global Online Strategies

Global research (search engines & social medias) and analysis of client trends and social demographics at global, regional, continental, country and city levels. Data analysis highlights and targets existing and potential markets that allows for strategic marketing strategies, materials, partnerships, understanding competitors, distribution channels to be developed based on real-time global analytical data.

Upon multi-source analysis, Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing Strategies can be further developed, tweaked and advanced. One must understand that for most businesses, getting placed highly on Google, etc., can quickly advance your business into success vs. traditional 1-to-1 meet and greet methodologies; though those cherished 1-to-1 successes should be always fostered, you should not ignore the power of today’s Search Engine Marketing. SEO and SEM works require constant caring and fostering as Google and other search engine algorithms are constantly evolving; one day you are on the top page, a tomorrow you lost your ranking to the 3rd, 4th, etc., pages.

Today, content management is key to keeping your pages high-ranking – hence, SEO/SEM Content Managers; either full-time and/or part-time for most companies is now become as real and sometimes more important than hiring an in-shop sales person as they reach out globally to increase both clientele and prospective partners.

In short, never under-value the importance of a good SEO/SEM Content Manager and the good news is that we often work globally from anywhere and don’t take up office space 😉

SEO/SEM Content Management Case Study: A key factor in developing content is the strategic goals and aims one has in considering search engine algorithms. Today, GER to GER place in the top #1 page with rankings averaging between 1 and 5 for all its strategic key phrases that are inline with its market and social demographics. Post implementation of SEO/SEM Strategies, today GER to GER has had a steady increase – easily surpassing 500+%; numerous business analytics in comparison with previous years.

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