Mr. Zanjan Fromer – “Z” Specialist

Filmmaker, Film and TV Production Manager, Fixer, Digital Media and Marketing Specialist, Community Based Ecotourism Specialist, Social Economic Developer, Geographic Informations Systems and Supply Chain Mapper, Humanitarian and Explorer in Mongolia, Asia and Beyond…

Hello! Yes, my name is Zanjan Fromer a.k.a. “Shawnshook” named after my great, great, great grandfather who is our Wooshkeetaan Tribe’s Chief by the Elders when I was born (King of the Tribe for those unfamiliar with American Indian terms). I am originally from Southeast Alaska from the Tlingit Eagle Tribe’s Wooshkitan (Shark) House with German and Japanese heritage that originates from the famed Sakamoto Clan.

For over 20 years (overseas ‘out in the field’ and around the world), I have had the honor to work and collaborate with many amazing professionals, domestic and international agencies, organizations and companies that include the United States Agency for International Development, Swiss Agency for International Development, World Bank, CBS’s Emmy and DGA


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