Zanjan FromerWelcome to!

Hello! Yes, my name is Zanjan Fromer a.k.a. “Shawnshook” named after my great, great, great grandfather who is our Wooshkitan Tribe’s Chief by the Elders when I was born (King of the Tribe for those unfamiliar with American Indian terms). I am originally from Southeast Alaska from the Tlingit Eagle Tribe’s Wooshkitan (Shark) House with German and Japanese heritage that originates from the famed Sakamoto Clan.

For over 20 years I have worked overseas as a filmmaker and social economic development humanitarian in multiple industries: meat, tourism, cashmere, responsible mining, etc.; I have professionally/personally traveled the world numerous times. Its my profession, real on-hands experience spanning 500+ projects, to maximize the potential of various supply/value chains across grass-root, rural, provincial, regional, national and international levels to stimulate public-private sector social economic development and health/human security of a country(-ies) via the diversity of my abilities and works. This includes, but not limited to: research and development, project designing, planning, geographic information systems IT (GISIT), social economic development, film and mass media, and more.