Zanjan Fromer

Since the era of Chingis Khan, Mr. Zanjan Fromer is the First American Citizen in Mongolian History to be Awarded the Country’s Second Highest Medal of Honor “The Ministerial Gold Star for Leadership”

Mr. Zanjan Fromer; Transitional Development/ Social Economic Stabilization and Competitiveness Specialist

Decades (20+ years) of International Field Experience via 100s (literally 1000s) of Successful International Projects, Expeditions, GIS Scouts – Supply/Value Chain Analysis/Mapping, Film Productions, Global Marketing Campaigns, Development Initiatives, Entrepreneurship, Conservationism, Humanitarianism, variety of workshops i.e. Travel/Risk Mitigation, Community Mobilization, etc.

Mr. Zanjan Fromer, born and raised Alaskan (Petersburg, Mitkof Island/Juneau and partly Alaskan Native), is the Founder of GER to GER Agency and Foundation (humanitarian-style community based cultural ecotourism networks with nomadic tribes & ethnographic explorations tour operations, and a non-profit Development NGO) and Adventure Studio (film, media productions and international marketing company). 

Mr. Fromer was apart of The First USAID Contractor Teams that established the new foundation to advance Mongolia’s social economic development and conservation initiatives post 1989 transition into an Open Market Economy/Democracy; first time in human history for Mongolia(1994-Present, Mr. Fromer has assisted Mongolia; 20+ Years). Mr. Fromer has managed 100s of international projects, initiatives and expeditions (from urban to deep deserts, mountains, steppes – winter/summer, etc.), as a multi-industry/international specialist via his overseas companies and non-profit foundation (NGO). It has been his objective to advance social economic supply chains from remote tribal locations up the cross-industry supply chains (village, provincial, regional, national) to internationally famed business exhibitions (WTM London, ITB Berlin, etc.) via countless ‘brick layering’ initiatives in film, media, tourism, community/destination development, social economic development i.e. ‘competitiveness’, conservation, and more.

In the last decade, Mr. Zanjan Fromer has been internationally awarded and recognized numerous times for his endeavors (list below) to advance remotely located nomadic tribes, communities, companies, national associations, industries, etc., that he has 1) achieved success 2) established global market-visibility 3) sustainability. Note: Mr. Fromer is the first American in Mongolia’s history to be awarded the Country’s Second Highest Medal of Honor “The Ministerial Gold Star for Leadership” in dedication to his successful endeavors to develop Mongolia (the Ministry of Tourism, Green Development and Environment).

Note: As of today, for the past couple decades, Mr. Fromer has researched, planned, implemented, managed and expanded well over 500+ projects ranging from small local projects to international initiatives.

First Teams – Rebuild, Strengthen, Advance

Mr. Fromer was apart of The First USAID Contractor Teams that established the new foundation to advance Mongolia’s social economic development and conservation initiatives post 1989 transition into an Open Market Economy & Democracy; first time in human history for Mongolia(1994-Present, Mr. Fromer has assisted Mongolia; 20+ Years)

“Fostering A Transitional Country’s Advancement” has become my “Speciality”; directly after several years of intensive Mongol Studies, Mr.Fromer became apart of the first USAID Teams in Mongolia (early 1999/2000s) to work on the USAID Funded Initiatives that focused on the Gobi Desert’s watersheds (GIS-ing) and social economic development. From 2000-2003, Mr. Fromer was invited to join USAID Funded “The Competitiveness Initiative” by the Chief of Party, Ms. Morgan, a first of its kind Initiative that successfully laid Mongolia’s Social Economic Foundation for meat, tourism and cashmere to compete internationally both responsibly and ethically.

The Competitiveness Initiative’s aim was to assist in advancement transitional countries like Mongolia and it’s traditional GDPs (meat, tourism and cashmere – companies, associations and industries) into the Global Market via training workshops, product development/branding, international marketing, destination development, international exhibitions, business linkage development, etc. It was from these ground laying works that Mongolia’s struggling industries and their respective companies were strengthen via countless workshops, product development, international business linkage development, international marketing, and more. (Professional Note: for over 20 years now – before this initiative, during and afterwards, Mr. Fromer has been continuously engaged in such tribal, community, provincial, regional, national and international works; Mr. Fromer has had the honor to work with some of the most gifted experts ‘out in the field’.)

Zanjan Fromer’s International Successes

A Proven History & Track Record of Distinguished International Partnerships

Over 15 years of successful due diligences, projects, audits & endorsements, international honors, recognitions, achievements and partnerships……

In the last 15 years alone, Mr. Fromer has launched numerous initiatives for for film and TV productions, digital media, marketing, tourism destination development, community based tourism, humanitarian works, social economic development initiatives and more. Mr. Fromer has successfully 1) passed all due diligences 2) managed all projects 3) passed all audits by some of the WORLD’S TOP organizations, agencies and firms i.e. World Bank, United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Mercy Corps International, USAID/J.E. Austin Assoc., USAID/CHF (Global Communities), Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), The Asian Foundation, CBS’s The Amazing Race, Syfy’s Destination Truth, National Geography Society, UNESCAP, even The Mongolian Government (First American ever to be awarded the country’s second highest Medal of Honor – “The Ministerial Gold Star for Leadership” in recognition of two decades of humanitarian/social economic development works) and more. Mr. Fromer has a long-standing history of “ethics” and “getting the job done” when it comes to planning, implementing and managing (finances, grants, sponsorships, donations and more).


Amazing-RaceZanjan Fromer – Country Production Fixer
CBS The Amazing Race in Mongolia
Emmy and DGA Awarded (Season 10, Episode 2)

“Zanjan and his team provided top notch creative and logistic support for an episode of “The Amazing Race” for CBS. His creative problem solving and fast thinking helped us get through some very tough situations and in the end added one of the more memorable episodes to an Emmy and DGA award winning season.”

Barry Hennessey – Field Producer for WRP/CBS’s “The Amazing Race” Mongolia
(Senior Field Producer at The Amazing Race – 2006)

Mr. Zanjan Fromer is a film-industry professional and provides international-level film and tv production logistics that includes all pre-production, production and post production logistical support; CBS’s The Amazing Race – Season 10, Episode 2 was awarded both an Emmy and the prized DGA (Mongolia – Overall Country Production Fixer/Point Person –short-list of Mr. Zanjan Fromer’s duties: all research and scouting/ location(s) lock-downs/ all production locations (ground/air) setups/ management/ production paperworks/ contracts/ sub-contracts/ all local budgets (and wrap-ups)/ support/ all production logistics and coordination – local HR to Production VIPs and Executive Producers/ secured communication networks/ safety & security/ first responders/ talent/ and etc. Local Nomadic Talent: GER to GER Nomadic Families) – Click here to visit the official online IMDb Listing , etc.

 Zanjan Fromer – Digital Media and Marketing Specialist
USAID Funded The Competitiveness Initiative

“Zanjan’s creativity ensures delivery of high quality, professional media work that stands out. Always willing to take on a new challenge, he thrives on problem solving and new approaches.”

Alan Saffery – USAID Mongolia – The Competitiveness Initiative -Competitiveness, Economic Development and Private Sector Development Consultant

Ministerial Gold Star – Medal of Honor for Leadership

Mongolia’s Second Highest Medal of Honor


On September 2015, Mr. Fromer had become the FIRST AND ONLY American in Mongolian History (dating back to the Great Khans of the Mongol Empire) to receive “The Ministerial Gold Star for Leadership”; the country’s second highest medal of honor with its Government Passport Booklet bearing the Minister’s Signature, SEAL and Medal Count/Serial Number from the Ministry of Environment, Green Development and Tourism; in dedication to Mr. Fromer’s career and contributions made as humanitarian in tourism throughout Mongolia.

“I would like to express my deepest respect and gratitude to the Ministry, my partner/colleague (Ms. Bayarsuren Yalalt), GER to GER staff, all the nomadic families across Mongolia, international travelers around the world, domestic/international partners and everyone else (past projects, donors, tourism associations, etc., the ‘thank you list’ is long – simply, “Thank You” to all those who’ve lifted me up in life and believed in my initiatives; this indeed is an accumulative honor!!!)” – Zanjan Fromer

Ms. Bayarsuren Yalalt and Mr. Zanjan Fromer

Ms. Bayarsuren Yalalt and Mr. Zanjan Fromer

Photo (left to right): Ms. Bayarsuren Yalalt (Co-Founder) and Mr. Zanjan Fromer (Founder) of GER to GER Agency and Foundation

This 2015, a total of 13 Honors were awarded to GER to GER by the Ministry and the Mongolian Tourism Association (1 “Ministerial Medal of Honor for Leadership” to the Founder, 2 Ministerial Recognitions to Nomadic Families and 10 Mongolian Tourism Association Recognitions to Nomadic Families).

A Brief Look at Mr. Zanjan Fromer’s Timeline:

  • 2016 ITB Berlin, Germany International Travel Exhibition – Exhibitor –
  • 2015 WTM London Travel International Travel Exhibition – Exhibitor – – an Official Country Representative Company approved by the Mongolian Government
  • 2015 ITB Berlin, Germany International Travel Exhibition – Exhibitor – – an Official Country Representative Company approved by the Mongolian Government
  • 2006-Today Official Partner of Give2Asia (USA501c3)
  • 2005-Pres. IMDb Profile and Some Client Listings
  • 2014 Certified Member of the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA)
  • 2008-2014 Lonely Planet “…most innovative tourism concept in Mongolia, …top of every traveller’s wish list…”
  • 2014 ITB Berlin, Germany International Travel Exhibition – Exhibitor – – an Official Country Representative Company approved by the Mongolian Tourism Association
  • 2014 Adventure Travel Show London Exhibitor
  • 2014 Hong Kong Adventure International Travel Exhibition – Exhibitor –
  • 2013 WTM London International Travel Exhibition – Exhibitor – – an Approved Official Country Representative Company
  • 2013 Rough Guides – Meet the Locals – How to Immerse Yourself on Your Local Travels
  • 2012 COTTM Beijing, ChinaInternational Travel Exhibition – Exhibitor –
  • 2012 National Geographic’s “World’s Best Travel Experiences” #8 –
  • 2010 National Geographic Society – Geotourism Ambassadorship
  • 2010 National Geographic Society – Global Finalist Certificate
  • 2010 Honored by National Geographic as one of World’s Innovative Travel Entrepreneurs
  • 2009 Top Ten Global Finalist of National Geographic Society and Ashoka Changemakers “Power of Place” GeoTourism Challenge
  • 2009 WHL Travel’s Urban Adventures Award
  • 2009 Tour Dust’s Scholarship Award
  • 2009 National Geographic Society’s Weekend Broadcast
  • 2007 NBC UNIVERSAL STUDIO’S Syfy Channel – “Destination Truth” – Josh Gates
  • 2007 United States Agency for International Development Grant Winner
  • 2007 Officially recommended by UNESCAP at its 63rd Session – Page 14
  • 2006-07 Established the – GER to GER Fund with the Assistance of Loreena McKennitt (internationally famed Singer) and The Asian Foundation
  • 2006 National Geographic Society Washington D.C. Museum – personally requested Mr. Zanjan Fromer to make and produce the Centerpiece Film for “Mongolia: Rebirth of Traditions”
  • 2006 Official Partner of the CBS’s The Amazing Race: Season 10 Episode 2
  • 2005 Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation Grant Winner
  • 2005 World Bank Tender Winner – Cross-Industry Supply Chain and Competitiveness Study and Analysis
  • USAID/CHF’s Ger Initiative – Tender Winner – Contracted as Project Manager/Filmmaker of over 16 short films about CHF International’s community initiatives across Mongolia
  • The Historic 2002 BIT Milan, Italy International Travel Exhibition – One of Two Official Mongolian Tourism Association/USAID Organizing Representatives (the other official representative was Michelle Morgan, C.O.P. of the USAID funded The Competitiveness Initiative) – 1st time in Mongolian History that “Mongolia” participated in an International Travel Exhibition and marketed itself as a “Country Destination” since opening its doors to the world as a democracy in 1989.
  • 2000-03 United States Agency for International Development (USAID) funded The Competitiveness Initiative – Honored by Mongolia’s Tourism Association for Contributions made towards the Development of Mongolia’s Tourism Industry.


What’s it like to be a Humanitarian,
Social Economic Developer, Filmmaker, Entrepreneur…
“Jack of All Trades”?

Mr. Zanjan Fromer’s Overseas Humanitarian Life
Instagrams & Tweets

A brief look into the Expedition-Style Humanitarian Works that we engage in throughout Mongolia – filming as I drive while carrying-out rural social economic development works to educate, evaluate and assess rural communities on a variety of matters while interviewing a local that discusses our efforts to offset the ongoing ‘seasonal challenges’ which rural nomadic populations face together as a “Social Enterprise” which include seasonal climatic disasters i.e. desertification, harsh winter storms and more within a short 5 minute short-film; beyond being a wordy sentence – it’s a testament that being a “multi-tasking jack of all trades” is effective towards “transitional development” in foreign countries.